Why this is of Industry Level

Explanation of why this is of Industry level

I feel my work is of industry level because it showcases my ability and understanding to design prototypes for small video games using many game design methods explained in great detail so anyone can understand my ideas. I’ve created and displayed screenshots, animation, sketches, moodboards, menus, loops, player expectations, variations, A/B splits, monetization, obtaining feedback and using feedback, to fix issues, all with explanations of why I created these and what does it tell the reader. I’ve also created game design documents detailing my ideas for the mechanics, progression, challenge, rewards, retention and statistics. I used these methods on my prototypes so I have a clear understanding on how to express my ideas to others, I would also like to expand my knowledge on these methods as well as learn other techniques on different types games to discover what else can be applied to video game design.

This is suitable to a career in game design since this is what i’ve been working on and been developing throughout university and I believe I am determined and capable taking my talents to the next level.

I have made 3 SWOT analysis of what skills some video game companies require for game design.


I color coded the SWOT:

Strengths – Pink

Weaknesses – Blue

Opportunities – Green

Threats – Orange


Junior Game Designer – Play’n’GO

I like this one because it’s within my skill set, it’s in London and it’s a good place to start out in the industry. I have most the key qualifications but I don’t have much experience with casino games but that’s not a big problem because that can easily be fixed with some research as well as learning about it in the job.

page 1.png

page 2.png

 page 3.png


Game designer – Mediatonic

I like this one because it’s more diverse than the Play’n’Go job since that one focuses more on casino games where as this one has more variety meaning new challenges and knowledge can be learnt from this. The downside is I don’t have experience with scripting and I don’t have the requirement for “+3 Years game design experience in a studio environment” quite yet. Other than that I think this one is more fun and offers more than the Play’n’Go job.

page 1.png

page 2.png


Game Designer – Electric Square

I’m not so sure about this one, I have most of the requirements but I don’t like the idea about moving, if possible I would rather find a game designer job in London. I also don’t have experience with scripting which is something i’m not so keen on learning.

page 1.png


Out of the 3 of these I would say the Game designer at Mediatonic would be the best choice because of its variety in games and learning new ways to create fun mechanics and features. The Junior Game Designer at Play’n’GO is also quite good, the thing that puts me off is that it focuses more on casino games than anything else so variety is lacking but their is fun to be had in creating mechanics and features for all types of casino games.

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