Some of the questions I was asked were:

Q: If I were to prototype another game for another semester, what would I do different?

A: I would prototype a bigger game and a different genre because I want to try something new. If I did the same thing again then I wouldn’t be learning anything new. I could learn various methods and techniques as well as what goes into to different types of genres. Theirs a lot to learn in game design and I’m all for expanding my knowledge on all types of genres and design methods that go into them.


Q: Would I stay for another year to do a masters degree?

A: Honestly I feel like i’m done with university, I want to move on and acquire an internship or full time job doing game design in the industry.


Q: If I got the chance to learn what its like to work in a team to make a big game in the 4th year of university, would I do it?

A: No, like I said in the previous question, I want to move on from university, I’ve experience what it’s like to work in a team, the junior and senior side of things, I believe I have enough experience to work in an industry team.


Q: What games would I like to work on in the future?

A: Mainly RPGs and Shooters but I would like to work on anything if the opportunity comes up.


Q: How did I find the 3rd year of university?

A: It’s the best year out of all the 3 years in university, I learned more from this one year than I did the first 2 years. If all the years were as great and knowledgeable as the 3rd year then I say university was totally worth it.


Q: What could the supervisor do to improve in the future?

A: The supervisor has done a great job in my case, whenever I needed some help it was delivered.

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