Future Plans

Once I finished University, I plan to get a job in game design since that’s what I enjoy the most and have been expanding on in university. I’ve looked at some jobs online and checked the requirements, I believe I have the skills necessary to get a job in game design and have confidence in my ability to create innovative and diverse gaming experiences.

The grade i’m aiming for is at least a 2:1, but i’m aiming for a 1:1.

What I plan to get out of it is expand my knowledge in game design and become a fully- fledged game designer. Working in the industry will help me understand what it’s like and learning the challenges that lie ahead

This will also help with the interviews because I haven’t been through many interviews so I’m not to good with those, so it’s best if I go to a few interview classes to strengthen my confidence.  

I don’t think it matters much which company I work for as long as I get the learning experience and feel like i’m developing my knowledge on game design as well as gaming in general. If there’s an opportunity i’m going to take and see where it leads, if it’s something i’m not interested in, I can always back out.    

My supervisor advised me to get an internship in game design, with an internship I can learn what it’s like to work in the gaming industry and use what I learned to strengthen my portfolio which would help me get a job in the gaming industry or possibly get recruited.

I’ve also been advised me to find a job in QA if I can because it can help with game design. I can learn the ins and outs of a video game which I can apply too my game design knowledge.

If possible I would also like to apply for a job in level design because it’s something that I also enjoy and have experience with.

If for some reason I don’t get the intended grade and things don’t pan out well even though I highly doubt it but if it does happen then i’m not entirely sure what to do, I will keep trying to get a job to see if anybody will hire me, perhaps I will get a part time job in the mean time to bring in some cash as well as continuing to develop my knowledge on game design using internet, books, creating new prototypes, anything I can find. I don’t intend on giving up this passion I have for gaming so I will keep pushing to achieve my goals.


  1. Get a job in game design, preferably in London, I’ve done some digging and found some jobs that I can apply for.
  2. Apply for other jobs in QA and level design as well as internships.
  3. Replies will take some time so within that time I should learn more about how interviews work in the gaming industry either through classes or online.
  4. What I can also do as I wait is get a part time job to bring in some cash.
  5. In my spare time I could use the web to look at more game design knowledge, engage with the gaming industry by talking or show off work to people from the industry, I can also create more elaborate prototypes and game design documents to further increase my design abilities.
  6. If I get an interview I can look up what questions could be asked and write my answers down and do practice interviews until I get it right.
  7. If I get accepted then I shall do my best and become a great game designer as well as learning other things that go on in the gaming industry such as testing, leadership, teamwork, what goes on in a AAA title etc.
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