Bubble Wrapper Tapper

I met my supervisor and discussed what I should do for the 2nd semester.

I was enjoying what I was doing last semester and want to continue prototyping games and expand my knowledge on game design.

My supervisor suggested I start prototyping 2 games and get feedback from people to see which of the 2 games is worth making. Since I learned how to prototype and present an idea from a designers perspective last semester, this time i’m going to challenge myself and prototype 2 games. Using the knowledge I acquired from last semester I should be a lot quicker in coming up with ideas and explaining them to other people making them understand my ideas easily.

Next thing i’m going to do is start by coming up with some ideas and start prototyping. I could use some of the other ideas I came with last semester or something new.


2nd Game Idea

Name: Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Target audience: Everyone

Platform: Mobile


The player must pop all the bubbles on the bubble wrap, some are already popped and some aren’t. The player must look around the sheet of wrap and quickly pop the bubbles before the time runs out. If the time runs out it’s game over. Once the player has popped all the bubbles, a new sheet of bubble wrap will appear and the bubbles will be randomly placed each time a new sheet of bubble wrap appears. When the player has popped all the bubbles on one sheet of bubble wrap they will gain a point. The goal is to get the high score.


I read some forums to see whats a good way to come up with a simple game idea, one of the ideas was to find something around the house and see if a game can be made out of it, I had some bubble wrap and thought what kind of game I can make out of it, then I thought of the quick speedy games like piano tiles or super hexagon. 


Super hexagon link



Piano tiles link:


Links to forums:





Game Features:

  • Rapid fast Tapping

  • Leaderboards

  • Cartoony graphics


  • Setting a record

  • Beating your friends high scores

  • Addicting gameplay

  • Speedy Gameplay


 Key Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Leaderboards to see friends and other players high scores

  • Obtain as many points as you can before the time runs out

  • Different coloured bubbles indicating how many taps it takes to pop a bubble

As for graphics I want it to look cartoony because bubble wrap doesn’t really look that interesting to being with but making it look more cartoony and colourful will make it look more appealing to the player.

I would like the bubble wrap to be bluish and the bubbles to be blue





I like his image because it shows the bubbles standing out from the background so the player can easily see where the bubbles are.



I want the UI and menus to also look cartoony with bright colours and simple yet appealing buttons.



I want the screen to be horizontal because it would easier to tap all around the screen where as it was vertical then it would be harder to tap all around the screen.

I expect players to use there thumbs to play because its the best way to quickly tap things on the screen and for a game like this it would help a lot.


This is the rough idea of what I want the game screen to look like

Blue circles are bubbles the player has to pop and the blue outlines are popped bubbles.

Once the player taps the screen or a bubble the game starts



When the player taps a bubble it will pop. The objective is to pop every bubble before the time runs out



Once the player has popped every bubble then they will get a point and the time will reset. Then a new sheet of bubble wrap would appear.



The bubbles will appear in random places every time a new sheet of bubble wrap appears. The further the player gets the faster the time will be so they need get quicker with every round.



An idea I had is have different coloured bubbles that the player has to pop a bit differently. For example a dark blue bubble takes 2 taps to pop. This is so the player doesn’t have to keep tapping the same blue bubble every time which would make the game play dull so this way it would change things up and keep the player entertained.



When the dark blue bubble has been tapped once, it will change to the same blue colour as the other ordinary bubbles so the player knows that theirs something different about that dark blue bubble.




  • Cartoony
  • Popping out
  • Colourful
  • Bubbly

I used dafont.com to get some cartoony fonts that would suit the game. I want to looks similar to the game bubble bobble.

Bubble bobble font





I like these last 3, I’m going o take them to Photoshop and how good they look once edited.





I like the look of this font, i’m just not sure what colour to make it, i’m thinking the main colour should be blue but the bubbles are also going to blue and the background is also a light blue, so i’m going to try different colours to see if anything else looks good..


I think the colour purple or pink would look fine for this. Maybe once the bubbles, background and buttons come in with thier cartoony look and bright colours, the font and colours would fit the theme a lot better.


I don’t like this font stretches the title very far. I like the look of the font but the colors don’t suit it as good as the previous font.


I added a space for the word “Tapper” so the title doesn’t stretch as much. I still prefer the previous font over this one so I won’t be using this font.


The last font doesn’t have that cartoony look, it doesn’t pop out as much as the first font. I’m going to to try different colours to see if it would make it look better.



I tried some other colours and it doesn’t beat the first choice.





I’m going to use this font for its cartoony look and how well it shows colours.




The game should be simple enough, pop all the bubbles. I want the player to understand the controls on there first run.

This is a rough sketch of what I want the game screen to look like.

The dark blue bar is the time limit

The 0 is the player score


I don’t think the game needs instructions on how to play, the title is called “Bubble wrapper tapper” so it hints that the game is going to be about tapping bubbles on a bubble wrap. Also popping bubbles on bubble wrap is a common thing for people to do so they would understand what to do once they see a bubble wrap on the screen with unpopped bubbles. The player will discover that the dark blue bar is the time limit on there first time playing since its the only way the player can lose and it will be obvious when seeing the dark blue bar decrease.

How to play – The player must tap the bubbles to pop them. The blue circles are bubbles and the blue outlines are popped bubbles.

Goal – The player must pop all the bubbles before the time runs out. The player will receive a point once all the bubbles are popped on one sheet of bubble wrap, once the player has popped all the bubbles a new sheet of bubble wrap will appear with the bubbles placed randomly on the bubble wrap each time a new bubble wrap appears.

How to lose – The only way the player can lose is if the time runs out. Once the player loses the game over screen will show up displaying the players score and there highest score.

Time limit – The time limit can’t be stopped, the only way to refill the time limit is to complete a sheet of bubble wrap. The time limit starts off slow then gets faster the further the player progresses.

Points – The purpose of the points is for high score, showing it off on the leader board or social media sites.



The game should be simple enough, pop all the bubbles. I want the player to understand the controls on there first run.

This is a rough sketch of what I want the game screen to look like.

The dark blue bar is the time limit

The 0 is the player score


I don’t think the game needs instructions on how to play, the title is called “Bubble wrapper tapper” so it hints that the game is going to be about tapping bubbles on a bubble wrap. Also popping bubbles on bubble wrap is a common thing for people to do so they would understand what to do once they see a bubble wrap on the screen with unpopped bubbles. The player will discover that the dark blue bar is the time limit on there first time playing since its the only way the player can lose and it will be obvious when seeing the dark blue bar decrease.

How to play – The player must tap the bubbles to pop them. The blue circles are bubbles and the blue outlines are popped bubbles.

Goal – The player must pop all the bubbles before the time runs out. The player will receive a point once all the bubbles are popped on one sheet of bubble wrap, once the player has popped all the bubbles a new sheet of bubble wrap will appear with the bubbles placed randomly on the bubble wrap each time a new bubble wrap appears.

How to lose – The only way the player can lose is if the time runs out. Once the player loses the game over screen will show up displaying the players score and there highest score.

Time limit – The time limit can’t be stopped, the only way to refill the time limit is to complete a sheet of bubble wrap. The time limit starts off slow then gets faster the further the player progresses.

Points – The purpose of the points is for high score, showing it off on the leader board or social media sites.



When the player taps the screen the game starts.

The player must pop all the bubbles to refill the timer, then a new set of bubbles would appear.

Main game GIF



I had an idea of adding different types of bubbles that need to popped differently.

A dark blue bubble needs to be tapped twice for it to be popped, if its tapped once then it will change to the same blue colour as the normal bubbles. This is so the player knows that theirs something different about the dark blue bubble.

Dark Blue bubble GIF



Another idea for a bubble is a purple bubble which can only be popped if the player taps 2 purple bubbles at the same time. There should never be an odd number of purple bubbles, that means there will always be a lone purple bubble that can’t be popped.

A way for the player to know how to do this is when one of the purple bubbles is tapped or held on, the other purple bubble lights up indicating that the player has to do something with these 2 bubbles.

Purple bubble GIF



The last idea for a different bubble is an orange bubble which is similar to the purple bubble but this time the player must hold and drag from one orange bubble to the other. There can’t be an odd number of orange bubbles, that means there will be one orange bubble that can’t be popped.

While dragging from one orange bubble to the other, normal blue bubbles can’t be popped when the player drags over them.

A way for the player to know how to pop these bubbles is when the player taps or holds an orange bubble, the other orange bubble lights up showing the player that they have to do something with these 2 bubbles.

Orange bubble GIF



All these different coloured bubbles will randomly appear with each new sheet of bubble sheet. Sometimes they show and sometimes they don’t.


The only way the player can lose is if the time runs out. Once the time runs the screen will flash for a brief second letting the player know that the time has run out. then the game over screen would appear.

Time run out GIF




Main Menu


The main menu takes place on a sheet of bubble wrap

I made the title multi coloured to add some colour to the menu, either that make the screen mostly blue. The colours I added are pink, orange and dark blue to represent the different bubbles the player will be popping in the game.

I decided not to add a quit button because most of these small addictive games don’t have one and I don’t think its necessary to have it.

This menu contains a play button, leaderboards and mute sound. Their all self explanatory. The sound button is the smallest because its the least necessary option out of the three, I want the players to notice the play button the most so I added the only green colour on the menu and its positioned above all the other options. I used icons instead of words because icons look more cartoony and fit more with this game than words.

The background can look better with a texture, perhaps a plastic texture since bubble wrap is made plastic, the background does need some appeal because its just a flat colour that doesn’t fit well with the bright cartoony look of the bubbles and icons.

Game Screen


The game starts out with a few bubbles and as the player gets further more bubbles appear as well as the different types of bubbles that need to be popped differently.

The game has a timer, score, bubbles and a pause button.

Game Over Screen


When the player loses the game over screen appears displaying the players results.

Theirs also a button to go back to the main menu and a retry button to try again.

I lowered the opacity because the bubbles get in the way of the buttons at the bottom. I also tried darkening the screen to see if it works better rather than lowering the opacity.

Game Over Screen Darkened


I think this works better than lowering the opacity, the game over circle also pops out a little better making it easier for the player to read.

Leaderboard Screen


The leaderboard shows the top 10 players in the game as well as your position on the leaderboard which is displayed at the bottom.

The bubbles are there to make the screen look nicer. The flat coloured background doesn’t help, that needs some appeal.

Theirs also a back button to take the player back to the main menu.


New Techniques

I visited my supervisor to discuss what can I do differently because I feel like I’m repeating myself with the customer journey, the 2 games are both casual addicting time killers, theirs not much else to add.

My supervisor showed different core game design techniques that I should look into and start adding to the 2 prototypes.

My supervisor gave me some techniques to look into.

Core game design techniques such as:

Game design:

  • Loops
  • Retention
  • Arcs
  • Progression
  • Rewards
  • Challange
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics

User Experience:

  • User Testing
  • Playtesting

User Interface:

  • Variations
  • Screen/trails
  • A/B splits


  • Anything I can find and decide upon which methods to use


I’m going to start with some research because I don’t know what half of these methods mean, this way I can learn about each of these techniques and apply them professionally to the prototypes.

After that I will start using methods for game design to create spreadsheets, diagrams and word documents which will help me understand why it’s important to use these methods and how it would help me as a game designer to present my ideas to game industries.


Progression, Challenge and Rewards


The feeling of progression is something that Bubble Wrapper Tapper has. Progress such as getting a higher score than your previous one and then beating that high score. The player can achieve this by playing the game every now and then which will make them learn and improve. The game is simple, pop all the bubbles before the time runs out so you would think speed is what the player has to improve on. However there’s mechanics in the game that requires not only requires peed form the player but precision as well. Not all bubbles can be popped with one tap, there are differently coloured bubbles that need to be popped differently. Dark blue bubbles which need to be tapped twice to pop, purple bubbles which 2 of these need to be popped at time, and orange bubbles which need to be held down and dragged to another orange bubble for both bubbles to pop. So the player needs to can’t just rapidly tap the screen to pop everything.

The player needs to find the best way to deal those coloured bubbles then once their cleared they can go back to rapidly tapping the screen again. Or they can do things differently such as popping all the normally bubbles first then going for the coloured bubbles.

The coloured bubbles don’t show up at the start, because I want to to ease the player into the game by first letting them pop normal bubbles then introduce a coloured bubble in the later rounds, then in further rounds more than one coloured bubble will show up and since the player got some Practice in the previous rounds they can handle more than 1 coloured bubble.

Also when there are few bubbles on the screen the player needs to be more precise because if a bunch of bubbles are close to together it’s easy just to quickly tap to get them, but when their are few remaining that’s when the time limit is about to run out and the player needs to make sure not to miss the bubbles when tapping.



The game can be difficult with its strict time limit but the challenge can be over come by playing the game over and over again and learning how things work, such as when the coloured bubbles start to appear and when the time limit starts to go down fast to a point where full on focus is needed. The only way to lose running out of time, so the player doesn’t have to worry about over tapping the screen or tapping popped bubbles. The time limit is lenient in the first couple rounds then as the player progresses it gets more harsh which means the player has to tap those bubbles faster than before and be more precise. The further the game goes on the more improvement is needed to over come the late rounds. The player has to come up with ways that give them the smoothest ride to the late rounds because that where the full energy is needed. Ways the player can make things go a little smoothly early on is to not use all your energy on the start, if so then your thumbs or finger may get worn out before making it to where you want to be. Perhaps the player can find out which rounds they can get up to without trying to hard and then figure out which round starts making it difficult the player so when they get to the difficult part that’s when they start given there full attention to the game and really try to get as far they can go.



There’s no shop in the game or any sort of item or achievement earned when getting to a high score. If I were to add a store in the game then the player can purchase, different backgrounds for the game and instead of bubbles, the player can pop balloons.

Another reward could be achievements, doing certain tasks within the game such as pop any 500 bubbles or get a score of 100. This way the player can have something fun to aim for and if players enjoy getting achievements in other games then they might enjoy it in this game too.

The reward for the game is the satisfaction of getting to the your desired high score or beating a friends high score and showing it off. If the player feels satisfied then it was worth the effort.



I have created a spreadsheet displaying what changes in each round such as time and the amount of bubbles that appear in the game as well as the 3 coloured bubbles.

Spread sheet screenshot

Link to spreadsheet:


The games first 5 rounds starts off with 6 seconds and 5 to 10 bubbles, this eases the player in the game. Every 5 rounds something changes and makes the game more difficult such as more bubbles, less time and coloured bubbles When the player gets to round 21 all the rest of the rounds will 5 seconds because I don’t think players are capable of popping 25 bubbles within say 3 seconds so I kept the time at 5 but increased the amount of bubbles so the players have to get faster but within the same time frame.

I made the max amount of bubbles 25 because I don’t think the average player can handle more than that. Their are 73 spaces for bubbles on the screen, I didn’t want to go over board with the amount of bubbles so my rough guess is 25 would be a fair amount of maximum bubbles in the game. I also made 15 the least amount of bubbles to pop because if I kept the minimum at 5 then those rounds would be easy, theirs also no penalty for tapping an empty space, I wanted to keep the players thumbs busy at all times so I think 15 is a good amount to have for a minimum amount of bubbles.

The coloured bubbles would be introduced every 10 rounds, the first coloured bubble that would show up is the dark blue bubbles, I believe it’s the easiest one to pop out of the 3, then it’s the purple bubble then the orange bubble. Once the player has had 10 rounds to practice popping the coloured bubbles, they all show up randomly on round 36 and sometimes all of the coloured bubbles can show up in one round.

Once the player reaches round 51 the time and amount of random bubbles show up stays the same so it then becomes an endurance, If I shorten the time limit any further or increase the amount of bubbles then it may be impossible for a person to pop all the bubbles within the time limit, for example popping 30 bubbles in 4 seconds is near impossible so I kept it all the same after round 50.

Screenshots of statistics ingame

The reason for this is to show a quick visual comparison between this data.

On the first five rounds 5 to 10 bubbles will spawn randomly as well as being randomly placed on the bubble sheet.

Round 1 – 5 bubbles



On round 11 is when the dark blue bubble shows up as well as spawning 10 to 20 bubbles randomly

Round 11 – 11 bubbles – 1 dark blue



On round 21 is when purple bubbles show up, 2 of them need to spawn because they can only be popped if the 2 purple bubbles are tapped at the same time.

Round 21 – 13 bubbles – 2 purple



Once the player has learned how to pop the dark blue bubbles and purple bubbles, they both show up radnomly on rounds 26 to 30

Round 26 – 13 bubbles – – 2 dark blue – 2 purple 



On round 31 is when the orange bubbles appear, 2 bubbles need to appear because they can only be popped if the player drags from one orange bubble to the other.

Round 31 – 17 bubbles – 2 orange



Now that the player knows how to pop all the coloured bubbles, they all show up randomly on round 36 and over.

Round 36 – 15 bubbles – 1 dark blue – 2 purple – 2 orange



Finally on round 51 and over, 15 to 25 bubbles will show up randomly and there can be up to 3 dark blue bubbles, 4 purple and 4 orange.

Round 51 –  14 bubbles – 3 dark blue – 4 purple – 4 orange 



Customer journey map

The game should be appealing to eyes with its cartoony graphics and bright colours.

The buttons should also draw the player in. The start button is the biggest and flashiest of all because that’s where all the action is so the player will be immediately drawn to that button.

The game is simple so the controls don’t need much explanation. The game is about popping bubbles on bubble wrap and since that’s a common thing for people to do once they get a hold on bubble wrap, it should be clear what to do in the game. The game will get frustrating, the further the player progresses the quicker the time limit will go down so the player needs to be quicker with each round. Even though the game is about tapping bubbles, there are different bubbles that need to popped differently to make the game more fun, it would get dull popping the same bubble over and over again so this way there is some variety to make the game less boring.

I expect the player to lose a lot which will make them frustrated but not so frustrated that they want to smash their phones, just frustrated enough that they want to keep playing. The players goal would either be to get the highscore to show off to friends or to kill time. The game is small so its a quick download and play, it doesn’t take much space on there phones so maybe players won’t bother to install it so it would be kept on their phones.

Players would come back to the game for the high speed bubble popping gameplay, the challenge can make the game addicting and get the player to come back.

I would expect the game to played by anyone who isn’t afraid of challenge and doesn’t get frustrated easily.

The game would either be a onetime play or played lightly or possibly heavily depending on how addicted the player is.

 Customer Journey map Spreadsheet


Link to spreadsheet:


Core game loop

The main activities the player will be doing is:

  • Popping bubbles

  • Losing

  • Earning points

  • Getting the high score


The goal of the game is to pop all the bubbles on the sheet of bubble wrap, once they do that the player earns a point. The player has to earn as many points as possible to get the highest score. To achieve this goal the player will be losing a lot because the game is difficult the higher the score the more challenging it would be to beat it.

When the player loses the results screen shows up displaying how points the earned in that game and it would also show the players highest score they got. If the player has beaten there high score then it show there new highscore on the results screen and on the leaderboards.

Then the player starts over and repeats the process.


Core loop diagram




The player must pop all the bubbles to earn points and get the highest score possible. Player can make their goal like beat their friends high scores or be the number on the leaderboards.

The controls can be learned the first time playing, just pop the bubbles.

Some bubbles have to be popped differently, this is done to make the game more fun so the player doesn’t have to pp the same blue bubble over and over again.

The replay value is high, the game is a quick start up, and players can either get highscores, beat friends high scores or just kill time with quick bubble popping game play.

As players get high scores, the more difficulty it adds for them. If the player gets a high score of 80 then they will have to beat that score, if reaching 80 was hard then getting a higher score would be even harder and will keep getting more difficulty with each higher score.

Losing will frustrate the player which will make them stop playing the game and feel like uninstalling it, but once that frustration is gone they can come back to the game and give it another try.

The player will be able to see there progres on the leaderboard and their position. It also shows the top 10 scores in the world so other players can beat their scores.


Bubble Wrapper Tappers mechanics are:

  • Popping bubbles
  • Popping dark blue/purple/orange bubble
  • Points
  • Timer
  • Game over
  • Leaderboard
  • Mute
  • Menu buttons
  • Pause button

Popping bubbles is done by tapping the circle shape on the screen just once. This is what the main game play is. The game starts with a few bubbles with more bubbles appearing as the player gets further into the game. All the normal bubbles are blue so the player knows which ones can be popped once and which ones need to be popped differently.

There are 3 coloured bubbles that appear later in the game, dark blue, purple and orange. These bubbles need to be popped differently and the game can’t continue until all the bubbles are popped. The dark blue bubbles can only be popped by tapping them twice, when they are tapped once they turn from dark blue into the normal bubbles so the player knows that theirs something different with this bubble. The purple bubble needs to be popped by tapping 2 of these bubbles at the same time, this is hinted at the player when they tap one purple bubble, the other lights up hinting that these to bubbles are connected somehow. The orange bubble can only be popped by holding and dragging across from one orange bubble to another orange bubble. The reason for these coloured bubbles is to make the game more fun and add some variety instead of just having the one normal bubble that needs to be popped the same way over and over again boring the player.

Points are earned by popping all of the bubbles on the screen, then the player gets a point and the next set of bubble appear for the player to pop. The purpose of points is to see how far you can get in a single game. The can also be used to see how far the player has gotten in the game so they know when he game is going to get harder. The further the payer gets the more challenging the game gets with more bubbles and faster time limit.

The timer is there to give challenge to the player, without it the game wouldn’t be fun at all and get boring really quickly. The timer is only way the player can lose so having it in the game is vital for the game play. At the start of the game the timer is a little lenient for the player but as the player gets further the time limit goes faster so the player has to improve and get better at the game if they want to achieve higher points.

When the player runs out of time the game is over, then the game over screen shows up showing how far you got in the current game and your overall high score. From here the player tap the retry button to start the game again or tap the back button to head back to the main menu.

The leaderboards are their to show other players high scores as well your own. Players can use this too see how far someone could get in this game or check to see if they want o beat any high scores.

The mute button is to mute the sound in the game, if the player doesn’t want to hear it then they just have to tap the sound button once. The sound button can also be accessed on the pause menu encase the player wants to mute the sound mid game.

Menu buttons are their to take the player to different screens, the buttons show icons rather than text. I think icons are more appealing to look at and they are easy figure out where the button will take the player for example a play icon takes them to the game and the trophy icon takes the player to the leaderboards.

The pause button is so the player can stop the game but continue later on. It’s placed next to the timer where no bubbles are next t it so the player doesn’t hit the pause button by mistake.

Mechanic screenshots

Normal bubbles

Player tap normal blue bubbles once to pop



Coloured bubbles

Dark blue, purple and orange bubbles are popped differently to add variety to the game play.



Players earns a point when they pop all bubbles on the screen




The timer is only way to lose in the game, once it runs out the game is over, it gets faster the further the player progresses



Game over 

When the payer loses the game over screen appears showing the players score and high score.




Shows the top 10 players scores as wells your own score.



Pause button

Pauses the game encase the player wants to stop and come back later.



Pause screen

The player can resume game, quit and mute sound.



Main menu buttons

Buttons take you to different screens of the game



Mute button on main menu

Mutes sound before the game starts




Reasons the player would leave game are similar to the reasons in Pez Tapper such as:

  • Theirs only one game mode so players can get bored of doing the same thing over and over again
  • The game might be too hard for players causing frustration which leads to players uninstalling the game
  • Bugs can ruin the whole game, so the game needs to be tested and any bugs found must be fixed.

A reason why players would leave is because they wouldn’t know how to pop the coloured bubbles, when they show up the player may not know what to do and before the figure out how to pop it, the time has run out so they have to get to that round again to give it another shot. I designed it so its hinted how to pop each coloured bubble, when the dark blue bubble gets tapped the colour changes to the normal blue colour, when he purple or orange bubble get tapped the other purple or orange bubbles light up so the player knows what these bubbles are connected somehow. Players might not be able to figure that out right away which will cause them to lose when they are introduced to the coloured bubbles.

A reason why players would stay is because there is variety in the game play, the player doesn’t have to keep popping the same bubble over and over again, their are different colored bubbles that need to be popped in a certain way which changes up the game play.

The game can get challenging which can be a good thing because the game wouldn’t get boring and can motivate the player to get better at the game.

The game is quick to start up and play, so it can make a good time killer game.

The controls goal is simple, pop all the bubbles, the player just has to tap the bubbles so the controls are simple and can be learnt on their first run of the game.

Game has cartoony menus, buttons and bright colours which can pleasing to look at which can further absorb the player into the game.



Main menu

The screen will fade in to the main menu then the player can select an option.

There’s only 3 options and most likely the player will select the play button at the top.

The trophy takes the player to the leaderboards and the sound button mutes the sound. The only sound effects that would be in the game is the sound of bubbles popping. The sound of a bubble popping can be a satisfying to hear so it would be nice to have it in the game, but people can find it annoying so the option is there.

Once the player selects the start button the screen fades out, and fades into the game screen.



Game screen

The screen will fade in and the bubbles will be placed in random places so it’s different each time when the player starts or retries the game.

The game doesn’t start immediately, the game starts when the player taps the screen so the player decides when they feel that there ready to start.

The player can get more than a few points at their first time playing, the only way to lose is from the time limit so as long as there quick they won’t lose. When the different coloured bubbles come in, that’s when the player can lose since its sa new bubble and they have to figure out how to pop it. Once they figured it out the time limit will be close to running out so they can either figure out the new bubbles and still pop all the bubbles or figure it out but lose in the process.

The time limit is fair at the start but then it gets faster and faster with each round so the player has to up there speed each time and at some point there going to lose.

The player will be able to figure out what to do there first time since popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap is common so popping a virtual bubble wrap shouldn’t be tough to figure out.


Game over Screen

Once the player loses they will most likely hit the retry button to try again, either that or quit the game, there’s no other game mode. The player can either try again and get better at the game and show off their high scores to friends or beat their friends scores or quit the game.



The leaderboards won’t be used that much, it just shows off scores so unless the player cares about the leaderboards, this screen won’t be visited that much or even not be visited at all.


Invision Testing

I created all the screens for the game and moved them to invisions and began piecing them together using hot spots to take the player to different screens.

Main menu on invision

Invision lets me turn the horizontally which is good because the game can only played horizontally



I also created a feedback form asking the tester:

  • What they liked?
  • What they didn’t like?
  • What needs fixing?
  • What they would like to see in the game?
  • Is it worth making and why they think that?
  • Rate the game from 1 to 10, 10 being good 1 being bad.
  • Most importantly, which of the 2 prototypes is worth making?

Link to feedback form:



I made a video sowing off all the screens in the game

Bubble Wrapper Tapper invision video


Link to Invision Prototype:



A/B Splits & Variations

Main Menu




The text makes the options look a lot more clearer and the player will know which screen it will take them to. What I don’t like about the text is the leader board bubble being bigger than the play button, just because leaderboard is a long word I had to stretch the bubble to fit the word in. Both variations have tier ups and downs, I prefer the icons for a more cartoony look and appeal but players would disagree and prefer the text because it’s easy to read and understand.



Game screen


On the top right theirs a gap where a bubble suppose to be.




I added another bubble there so now that makes 74 bubbles on the sheet for a nice even amount.



Pause button


I think the pause button is fine where it is. I moved it around to see if it works better anywhere else on the screen.




I moved the pause button to the right side of the timer. It doesn’t look good sitting there, it just leaves a gap on the left side, I think players would agree that it was best placed where it was before.




Similar to the Pez Tapper, theirs no way of knowing how much time the player has, so maybe players would like a numeric timer, I think the game doesn’t need one but if the game were to have one then I think it would best to pace it in the middle of the timer so both numbers and the red bar go down together.

Timer in the middle



I also tired to see what it would look like if I placed the timer next to the red bar. It doesn’t work, it looks awkward and it would make it confusing for the player with these values on the screen such as the points and the timer being close to each other players can get mixed up on which ones the timer and which ones the points.

Timer on the side



Game over screen





I changed the icons to text. It makes it easy clear what button does what. I prefer icons to make it more stylized and appealing along with the main menu.

I also changed the colour for the score text to make it different from the highs score text.



i also think it would nice if the game over background was a big bubble. The bubble shown is one I took from the internet, it doesn’t look great because its hard to see the text, however if the bubble was less shiny and the text appeared more clearer then I would prefer the big bubble for the game over background rather than the bright yellow circle.








I made the leaderboard title a little more clearer to read. I also changed the back icon to text, it makes it clear what the button does but I still prefer the icons for its stylized appeal. I think players would also agree that icons would be better as long as their designed well and its clear to the players what the button is going to do.



Monetization loop

If players get frustrated in the game to the point where they are willing to purchase boosts to help them overcome their problem then perhaps the game can have some boosters.

Boosters such as:

  • Decolour – This turns coloured bubbles into normal blue bubbles, this is so the player doesn’t have to waste time popping coloured bubbles and just make everything a normal bubble winch is the easiest bubble to pop. This is best used in the later rounds where coloured bubbles are more frequent.
  • Slow down time – Slows down time encase the player has almost popped all the bubbles or doesn’t think they can pop all the bubbles on time so they use the booster when the round starts. The booster lasts for a few seconds.
  • Freeze time – This freezes the timer completely so the player can take their time in completing the round, or it can be used when the time is about to run and the payer has almost popped all the bubbles.

These boosters can be obtained by:

  • Daily Random Booster – The player is rewarded with one booster per day
  • Spending Real Money – Fastest way of obtaining boosters
  • The game can have different currency called “Shiny Bubbles” similar to the golden candy in Pez Tapper which can be earned by getting a certain amount of points in the game. The player can obtain 1 shiny bubble every 10 points they get.


The price for boosters is different for both shiny bubbles and real money, for example 1 slow down time could cost 50 shiny bubbles but real money cost 20p

Decolour turns all coloured bubbles into normal blue bubbles, this is handy because coloured bubbles take more time to pop than normal bubbles so with all coloured bubbles turned into normal ones it makes the round go a lot quicker especially if the round has plenty of coloured bubbles in it. This is a handy booster but the time is still an issue so it’s not going to be the most expensive booster.

Slow down time helps because it allows the player to have a chance to pop all the bubbles in the round, its not much help in the early rounds but helps a lot in the later rounds when the time goes fast. Si this will the cheapest booster because it only helps in later rounds and even then the player needs to a be a little fast to beat the round.

Freeze time is useful because it can get stop time which is the thing that makes the player lose, without it the player doesn’t have to worry about the timer and take their time popping the bubbles, the booster lasts for a couple seconds. Because this booster is very handy it’s the most expensive out of all the boosters.

Monetization loop


The player pops bubbles in the game,  they lose and get frustrated so they use a booster to overcome whatever caused them to lose and feel frustrated.

To get past the pay wall the player will need to either:

  • Pay with real money
  • Grind for Shiny bubbles
  • Play the game every day to obtain daily random boosters



The positive was that its simple to use, it’s a quick pick up and play, the menus are easy to navigate and the goal is simple without telling the player how to play the game.

One of the negatives was that the phone needed to be rotated to play the game and the player has to use 2 hands to get the full experience. I can see why players wouldn’t like to rotate their phones to play a game because it means they have to use both hands to hold the phone. I don’t know if making the game vertical and one handed play work with this game, it’s best to make some sketches to see how it would look and if it works or not.

Another negative is that the backgrounds need some work like on the main menu, theirs a lot of bubbles that could get annoying to look at and the bright blue background doesn’t help, maybe I can try different colours or add a plastic texture to make it look more like a sheet of bubble wrap. I can also try removing some of the bubbles on the main menu and perhaps making some bigger so theirs not so many bubbles on the screen but theirs no large gaps either.

The game was rated a 6 out of 10

It’s also worth making rather than Pez Tapper because it “looks like something that would you would see in the market”, I think this means that this is a goofy kind of game and it’s something that would players would download just to see how goofy it is.

Also theirs a lot more going on than in Pez Tapper, tapping bubbles and the variations of bubbles is a more active experience than just tapping the screen over and over again to dispense the same candy.



I made some changes to the some of the screens based on the feedback I received.

The first feedback that I got was that the phone needed to be rotated horizontally to play which means it can’t be played with one hand.

To remedy this I moved some things around on the game screen to see how it would look.

I had to reduce the amount of bubbles their are on the screen affecting the challenge of the game, now that their are a few bubbles the timer would have to go down more faster since it’s quicker to pop all the bubbles on the screen. I think it can work but it effects the overall challenge of the game, maybe this can be a different game mode with fewer bubbles but faster time limit.

Vertical game screen 


Vertical main menu 




Another piece of feedback I got was that the backgrounds look bland, it’s just a bright blue background with no textures or anything, I added a plastic texture to make it look a little more like a sheet of bubble wrap, I did this using the filter gallery on Photoshop.

It gives the background a little more depth but it doesn’t look great but it’s a start, with some time the background can look good with a well made plastic background to make the game feel more like your popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap.

Plastic Background



Main menu

I changed the colored bubbles on the main menu into bigger bubbles to see what it looks like.

I think it looks bad, since they don’t look like bubbles and the colours can get distracting.

Main menu with big bubbles



I changed the circles and made them look like bubbles, this looks much better. The bubbles aren’t nearly as distracting as the previous image and they look like bubbles giving relevance to the title instead of having circles.

Better Main menu



Better main menu updated

I brightened up the colours on the bubbles to make look more colorful and appealing.



Game screen with big bubbles

Lastly I made the small bubbles into bigger bubbles to see if it would look any better. It affects the game play because since the bubbles are bigger it makes it easier for the player to see them and tap them without missing. I prefer having smaller bubbles for that added challenge and their are bigger gaps in between the small bubbles making it a little more difficult tapping the bubble because theirs a chance the player can miss and tap the gap. Perhaps this can be a game mode for beginner who are just starting out the game for the first time and then once they get use to the controls they can move onto the harder game modes like the smaller bubbles.


Presentation of the final Project

Created a presentation to showcase my project to my 2nd supervisor detailing an overview of my project, plans for 1st and 2nd semester, issues, fixes, future and a final conclusion.

Presentation link:


I also made some notes for what I plan to say during the presentation

Notes link:



The last thing I’m going to do is a final conclusion of the whole experience.

Project Conclusion

This project turned out to be a success, I learned many methods, techniques and created many documents on these prototypes.

Methods and techniques such as:

  • Animation
  • Sketches
  • Customer journey maps
  • Game loops
  • Monetization loops
  • Variations
  • A/B splits
  • “Invision” to share and get feedback
  • Creating different screens
  • Designing UI
  • Moodboards
  • Screenshots
  • References

Design Documents such as:

  • Mechanics
  • Hooks
  • Retention
  • Progress
  • Challenge
  • Rewards
  • Statistics
  • Control schemes
  • Fonts
  • Tutorials
  • Expectations

There were times where I had some trouble but with some hardwork and determination as well as some aid from my supervisor it all turned out well. Whenever there’s a problem I talk to my supervisor about it, I could use the internet to help me out but it’s more effective for me to get help in person rather than searching it up o the web. If it’s a small problem like not knowing the definition of something then a quick google search will clear that up, but if it’s a big problem like not knowing what to do next then I would speak to my supervisor about it.

There was a time when I felt like I was repeating myself when designing the 2 prototypes during 2nd semester because I was designing it the same way I designed the first prototype, so I wanted to learn something new. I asked my supervisor if there’s some other way I can design the prototypes and he shared other methods and techniques that I can apply to my project which benefited greatly, now I know other ways to design video games.

I’m happy with the end result, I have 3 prototypes to shows off which all have great detail on all the methods I used to design them. This project has been a great experience and I wish to apply and expand my knowledge in future job opportunities.

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