#60 Conclusion

Project Conclusion

This project turned out to be a success, I learned many methods, techniques and created many documents on these prototypes.

Methods and techniques such as:

  • Animation
  • Sketches
  • Customer journey maps
  • Game loops
  • Monetization loops
  • Variations
  • A/B splits
  • “Invision” to share and get feedback
  • Creating different screens
  • Designing UI
  • Moodboards
  • Screenshots
  • References

Design Documents such as:

  • Mechanics
  • Hooks
  • Retention
  • Progress
  • Challenge
  • Rewards
  • Statistics
  • Control schemes
  • Fonts
  • Tutorials
  • Expectations

There were times where I had some trouble but with some hardwork and determination as well as some aid from my supervisor it all turned out well. Whenever there’s a problem I talk to my supervisor about it, I could use the internet to help me out but it’s more effective for me to get help in person rather than searching it up o the web. If it’s a small problem like not knowing the definition of something then a quick google search will clear that up, but if it’s a big problem like not knowing what to do next then I would speak to my supervisor about it.

There was a time when I felt like I was repeating myself when designing the 2 prototypes during 2nd semester because I was designing it the same way I designed the first prototype, so I wanted to learn something new. I asked my supervisor if there’s some other way I can design the prototypes and he shared other methods and techniques that I can apply to my project which benefited greatly, now I know other ways to design video games.

I’m happy with the end result, I have 3 prototypes to shows off which all have great detail on all the methods I used to design them. This project has been a great experience and I wish to apply and expand my knowledge in future job opportunities.

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