#9 Animations

Climbing GIF


Slower version



Fast version

I would like the game to be as fast this GIF to provide a challenge and frustration for the player



I want to give the illusion of climbing, the cat stays at the bottom, only the arms are moving while the blocks scroll down giving it an illusion of ascending.

Similar to Flappy bird how the bird doesn’t move it stays in one spot while the pipes and ground move left towards the bird to give the illusion of movement

Flappy bird movement GIF



Stopping during game GIF

When the player stops for a second the cat falls resulting in a game over.


Climbing the wrong surface GIF

When the player climbs the wrong surface in this case the red block, the cat will grab it and fall resulting in a game over. I put a circle to show the cat climbing the red block, the circle wouldn’t be in the actual game.



Climbing the wrong surface GIF without the circle

Here’s how it should be without the circle



Next thing i’m going to do is work on some of the user experience deliverables like sketches of each screen, where the UI should be placed and what the UI looks like.

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