#8 Invision

I met my supervisor and discussed what i’m up to and what i’ll be doing next.

I wanted to finish prototyping this idea and move on to another idea but my supervisor advised me to focus on this one idea. If I were to send this to a game industry it wont show them how productive I am in designing a whole prototype plan for a game. it just shows a light bit of prototyping and theirs plenty of things i’m missing. My supervisor shared a link showing a list of user experience deliverables such as sketches, flowcharts, wire frames, testing and more that I can add to my project.

There are still plenty of things that I need to add such as:

  • Sketches or whiteboards to show whats going to be on each screen, where the UI going to be placed, as well as showing what each button looks like.
  • Flow charts to show where each button takes you for example showing the leader boards, does it take you to another screen or show a box on the same screen
  • Customer journey map to expect how the customer will react to certain points of the game, how will they feel, what would they be doing, what type of players would be interested in this game, why would players want to download it and play it, how long do I expect them to play it, being in the perceptive of the customer.
  • Have people test the game and get feedback from them, this will let me know what works, what doesn’t work, it would be nice to have this or get rid of that. Criticism will help me make the game better by turning the negatives into positives.

I’ve also been advised to use a website called “invision” which has tools that will allow me to see what my game will look like on any platform in my case a smartphone, this will be useful when I have all the screens and add them in showing where each button does and where it take you, this is beneficial for me because I don’t know coding and it would save me time trying to code the UI, instead this will let me add the screens to a smartphone template and the user just has to click a button then something relevant to that button will happen like the leader board button will take them to the leader boards or the start button will take them to the game.

Here’s an example of a mobile app on “invision”

It shows what the screen would look like on a mobile as well as what can be pressed in the blue highlighted area..


When I press on a button it shows me what that button does like take me to another screen or bring up an option.



I’m going to continue prototyping the game and add the user experience deliverables mentioned above.


List Of UX Deliverables – https://uxplanet.org/a-complete-list-of-ux-deliverables-d62ccf1de434

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