#7 Tutorial Plan


When it’s the player’s first time playing there will be a box showing the player how to play the game, such as:

  • How to move

  • What happens when you move

  • How do you lose

  • What happens when you lose

  • What the goal is

All without throwing to many words at the player, I want it to be brief and easy to understand.

The game starts when the player taps the screen and starts climbing similar to how flappy bird starts, to start flappy bird the player has to tap the screen then you have to keep tapping so the bird doesn’t hit the floor or the pipes.


Something like this, a box comes up and tells you how the controls work, then the player continues by tapping on the screen.

How to move – Tap either the left or the right side of the screen to ascend either left or right.


Or maybe a GIF showing a short animation showing the player that you tap then cat climbs in the direction you tap without using text

What happens when you move – The cat climbs by moving its arm onto the next climbable surface depending on which side the player tapped.

How do you lose – The player loses when the player stops moving for a second, if the player doesn’t tap the screen within a second then the cat will fall off which will result in a game over. The player can also fail if they climb the wrong surface, the player has to climb the right surface to be able to ascend. The right surface could be things like a wall pocket or an edge. The wrong surface are things like cracks or a flat surface.

Things like these can be climbable


What happens when you lose – The game will end, perhaps their will be a sound effect indicating that you lost, then result screen will come up showing you your score, your high score, the coins you are rewarded with and the total coins the player has. The coins will be added up with the players current amount and if the player gets a new record then the high score will change to that new record.

Quick game over screen


What the goal is – The goal is to get the high score and be number one on the leader board or just to have fun and beat your friends scores. Each time the cat climbs a climbable surface the player gets a point which will be displayed at the top of the screen,

How do coins work – When the player gets a game over, they are rewarded with coins depending on how many points they get. Every 10 points rewards the player with 1 coin. Coins are used to purchase skins for the cat to give it more appeal.

Skins – Skins can be purchased in the skins shop which is found in the main menu or the pause menu, skins can cost from 50 coins to a 1000 coins. Certain skins can possibly make a slight change in the game like different sound effects or a secret level with a different backdrop small things like that to give the game some appeal.



Next thing i’m going to do is start animating and make short GIF’s to show how it looks when the cat climbs and falls

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