#6 Fonts


  • Retro style

  • 8 Bit

  • Pixelated

  • Blocky

I looked at some fonts on dafont.com and chose a few fonts that would go well with the style of the game. Since the game is going to have pixelated graphics, I think the font should be the same as well.


I like this one the most, it’s the easiest to read and has that retro look which is just what I need


I used the font and edited it in Photoshop to show what I want the title of the game to look like.

I used blending options to add as stroke and a drop shadow just too make it more appealing.


I made a quick title screen to show where the title would be placed and if it would look good.


They all look fine but  I like this one the best, there’s only 2 capital letters (the 2 C’s) and it’s easy to read, it works.


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