#58 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Fixes

Bubble Wrapper Tapper 

I made some changes to the some of the screens based on the feedback I received.

The first feedback that I got was that the phone needed to be rotated horizontally to play which means it can’t be played with one hand.

To remedy this I moved some things around on the game screen to see how it would look.

I had to reduce the amount of bubbles their are on the screen effecting the challenge of the game, now that their are a few bubbles the timer would have to go down more faster since it’s quicker to pop all the bubbles on the screen. I think it can work but it effects the overall challenge of the game, maybe this can be a different game mode with fewer bubbles but faster time limit.

Vertical game screen 


Vertical main menu 




Another piece of feedback I got was that the backgrounds look bland, it’s just a bright blue background with no textures or anything, I added a plastic texture to make it look a little more like a sheet of bubble wrap, I did this using the filter gallery on Photoshop.

It gives the background a little more depth but it does’t look great but it’s a start, with some time the background can look good with a well made plastic background to make the game feel more like your popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap.

Plastic Background



Main menu

I changed the colored bubbles on the main menu into bigger bubbles to see what it looks like.

I think it looks bad, since they don’t look like bubbles and the colours can get distracting.

Main menu with big bubbles



I changed the circles and made them look like bubbles, this looks much better. The bubbles are’t nearly as distracting as the previous image and they look like bubbles giving relevance to the title instead of having circles.

Better Main menu



Better main menu updated

I brightened up the colours on the bubbles to make look more colorful and appealing.



Game screen with big bubbles

Lastly I made the small bubbles into bigger bubbles to see if it would look any better. It effects the game play because since the bubbles are bigger it makes it easier for the player to see them and tap them without missing. I prefer having smaller bubbles for that added challenge and their are bigger gaps in between the small bubbles making it a little more difficult tapping the bubble because theirs a chance the player can miss and tap the gap. Perhaps this can be a game mode for beginner who are just starting out the game for the first time and then once they get use to the controls they can move onto the harder game modes like the smaller bubbles.


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