#57 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Feedback

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

The positive was that its simple to use, it’s a quick pick up and play, the menus are easy to navigate and the goal is simple without telling the player how to play the game.

One of the negatives was that the phone needed to be rotated to play the game and the player has to use 2 hands to get the full experience. I can see why players wouldn’t like to rotate their phones to play a game because it means they have to use both hands to hold the phone. I don’t know if making the game vertical and one handed play work with this game, it’s best to make some sketches to see how it would look and if it works or not.

Another negative is that the backgrounds need some work like on the main menu, theirs a lot of bubbles that could get annoying to look at and the bright blue background doesn’t help, maybe I can try different colours or add a plastic texture to make it look more like a sheet of bubble wrap. I can also try removing some of the bubbles on the main menu and perhaps making some bigger so theirs not so many bubbles on the screen but theirs no large gaps either.

The game was rated a 6 out of 10

It’s also worth making rather than Pez Tapper because it “looks like something that would you would see in the market”, I think this means that this is a goofy kind of game and it’s something that would players would download just to see how goofy it is.

Also theirs a lot more going on than in Pez Tapper, tapping bubbles and the variations of bubbles is a more active experience than just tapping the screen over and over again to dispense the same candy.

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