#56 Pez Tapper – Feedback

Pez Tapper 


This is some of the feedback I got so far.

The positive was that the game has simple colours as in the graphics are fine, the colours are bright and colorful and doesn’t get in the way of UI or game play.

The negatives was that it’s difficult to understand whats going on and some of the taps don’t register, I assume it’s because they were invision to play test the prototype and using images to show how the game is played rather than animation or telling the player how to play the game, perhaps I can add a how to play screen showing the player all the mechanics and how they work in a brief sentence. Also invision can be a bit finicky and the taps don’t register at times so it’s hard to tell if the prototype is working or not.

The game was given a 4 out 10 and its not worth making because it wouldn’t do well in today’s market, maybe because theirs similar games that have more variety and better game play.

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