#55 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Monetization Loop

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Monetization loop

If players get frustrated in the game to the point where they are willing to purchase boosts to help them overcome their problem then perhaps the game can have some boosters.

Boosters such as:

  • Decolour – This turns coloured bubbles into normal blue bubbles, this is so the player doesn’t have to waste time popping coloured bubbles and just make everything a normal bubble winch is the easiest bubble to pop. This is best used in the later rounds where coloured bubbles are more frequent.
  • Slow down time – Slows down time encase the player has almost popped all the bubbles or doesn’t think they can pop all the bubbles on time so they use the booster when the round starts. The booster lasts for a few seconds.
  • Freeze time – This freezes the timer completely so the player can take their time in completing the round, or it can be used when the time is about to run and the payer has almost popped all the bubbles.

These boosters can be obtained by:

  • Daily Random Booster – The player is rewarded with one booster per day
  • Spending Real Money – Fastest way of obtaining boosters
  • The game can have different currency called “Shiny Bubbles” similar to the golden candy in Pez Tapper which can be earned by getting a certain amount of points in the game. The player can obtain 1 shiny bubble every 10 points they get.


The price for boosters is different for both shiny bubbles and real money, for example 1 slow down time could cost 50 shiny bubbles but real money cost 20p

Decolour turns all coloured bubbles into normal blue bubbles, this is handy because coloured bubbles take more time to pop than normal bubbles so with all coloured bubbles turned into normal ones it makes the round go a lot quicker especially if the round has plenty of coloured bubbles in it. This is a handy booster but the time is still an issue so it’s not going to be the most expensive booster.

Slow down time helps because it allows the player to have a chance to pop all the bubbles in the round, its not much help in the early rounds but helps a lot in the later rounds when the time goes fast. Si this will the cheapest booster because it only helps in later rounds and even then the player needs to a be a little fast to beat the round.

Freeze time is useful because it can get stop time which is the thing that makes the player lose, without it the player doesn’t have to worry about the timer and take their time popping the bubbles, the booster lasts for a couple seconds. Because this booster is very handy it’s the most expensive out of all the boosters.

Monetization loop



The player pops bubbles in the game,  they lose and get frustrated so they use a booster to overcome whatever caused them to lose and feel frustrated.

To get past the pay wall the player will need to either:

  • Pay with real money
  • Grind for Shiny bubbles
  • Play the game every day to obtain daily random boosters
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