#54 Pez Tapper – Monetization Loop

Pez Tapper

Monetization loop

Players can get frustrated with the game and want something that can help them get through the game more easily.

The mobile game “Candy Crush Saga has something similar to this. During the game the player can use a booster to get past a certain obstacle, for example the player can use “Lollipop Hammer” to crush any candy the want, this is handy because it can cause a the certain candy the player needs to match 3 in a row or a column.

Candy Crush Saga


Lollipop Hammer



Another example is the “Extra Time” booster which can be used on a timed level, if the player is about to run out time and they almost beat the level, they can use this booster too add 15 seconds to the timer then beat the level.

Extra time



Their are some ways to obtain these boosters, the obvious way is to spend real money on the game which is the quickest way. There are ways to get boosters for free but a certain requirement needs to be fulfilled before the player can obtain it.

Requirements such as:

  • Connecting to Facebook which and playing the game from the Facebook platform gifts the player with some free boosters.
  • The daily booster wheel which means once per day the player can spin the wheel to get one random booster
  • Boosters can be gifted to players
  • Face book friends can send 2 boosters while you play.


If Pez Tapper can get very frustrating to the point where players are willing to purchase boosts then perhaps the game can have some boosters to help them get to higher scores.

Boosts such as:

  • Time Reset – When the player is about to run out of they can use this booster to reset back to full.
  • Freeze Time – The player can freeze the timer for a few seconds to help them get passed a round without the timer being a problem.
  • Infinite candy – The player can tap as many times as they want without worrying about the amount of candy their is for a few seconds.

These boosters can be obtained either by:

  • Using golden candy to pay for it – The player can use golden candy they earn to buy boosters.
  • Daily random booster – Once per day the player can obtain a random booster
  • Paying with real money – Quickest way to obtain boosters


The price for boosters is different for both golden candy and real money, for example 1 time reset could cost 100 golden candy but real money cost 50p

Time Reset is the least useful booster but can still come in handy so it’s going to be the cheapest booster.

Time Freeze is useful because it stops the time complete so the player can take as much time as they need to before the booster runs out of time.

Infinite Candy is the best booster because the player can keep tapping the screen without worrying about how much candy they need to dispense so this can cause the player to get past a few rounds easily before the time for the booster runs out. So this is the best booster out of all the boosters so its the most expensive.

Monetization loop


The player plays the game, gets frustrated so they use a booster to overcome whatever frustrated them.

To get past the pay wall the player will need to either:

  • Pay with real money
  • Grind for gold candy
  • Play the game every day to obtain daily random boosters





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