#53 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – A/B Splits & Variations

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

A/B Splits & Variations

Main Menu




The text makes the options look a lot more clearer and the player will know which screen it will take them to. What I don’t like about the text is the leader board bubble being bigger than the play button, just because leaderboard is a long word I had to stretch the bubble to fit the word in. Both variations have tier ups and downs, I prefer the icons for a more cartoony look and appeal but players would disagree and prefer the text because it’s easy to read and understand.



Game screen


On the top right theirs a gap where a bubble suppose to be.




I added another bubble there so now that makes 74 bubbles on the sheet for a nice even amount.



Pause button


I think the pause button is fine where it is. I moved it around to see if it works better anywhere else on the screen.




I moved the pause button to the right side of the timer. It doesn’t look good sitting there, it just leaves a gap on the left side, I think players would agree that it was best placed where it was before.




Similar to the Pez Tapper, theirs no way of knowing how much time the player has, so maybe players would like a numeric timer, I think the game doesn’t need one but if the game were to have one then I think it would best to pace it in the middle of the timer so both numbers and the red bar go down together.

Timer in the middle



I also tired to see what it would look like if I placed the timer next to the red bar. It doesn’t work, it looks awkward and it would make it confusing for the player with these values on the screen such as the points and the timer being close to each other players can get mixed up on which ones the timer and which ones the points.

Timer on the side



Game over screen





I changed the icons to text. It makes it easy clear what button does what. I prefer icons to make it more stylized and appealing along with the main menu.

I also changed the colour for the score text to make it different from the highs score text.



i also think it would nice if the game over background was a big bubble. The bubble shown is one I took from the internet, it doesn’t look great because its hard to see the text, however if the bubble was less shiny and the text appeared more clearer then I would prefer the big bubble for the game over background rather than the bright yellow circle.








I made the leaderboard title a little more clearer to read. I also changed the back icon to text, it makes it clear what the button does but I still prefer the icons for its stylized appeal. I think players would also agree that icons would be better as long as their designed well and its clear to the players what the button is going to do.



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