#52 Pez Tapper – A/B Splits & Variations

Pez Tapper

A/B Splits & Variations

Main Menu

I changed the buttons from text to icons to see if that is more appealing than the text.

I prefer the text because its a lot more clearer and fills up all most the the space on the candy where as the icons leaves big spaces on he candy making it look empty.



I made the buttons smaller and moved them closer together, this makes the buttons looks less empty but then the buttons will be square which isn’t what pez candy looks like. I made the play button bigger than the rest because it’s the button that players should notice the most out of all the buttons, if I made the button smaller then the leaderboard button will be the biggest which will draw the players attention to it which is not what I want.




i changed the leaderboard background colour to the same yellow colour as the main menu because just because its the only purple screen in the game and just because the button to go to the leaderboard screen is purple doesn’t mean the background has to be purple. However having a purple background on a green colour makes the green leaderboard pop out since these colours complement each other. The green leaderboard didn’t work for the yellow background so I changed the colour to blue since its yellows complement colour. I prefer the new variation because the background is consistent with the main menu background so theirs no awkward purple colour popping in when the player selects the leaderboard.



Game Screen

I moved the pause button to the right corner to see if it doesn’t get in the way or distracts the player. It creates this space in the left corner which feels empty like something should be there. I think its best to keep the pause button where it is, it doesn’t get in the way of the game and theirs no awkward spaces on the screen.



Also i’ve been thinking if people wanted to see a numeric timer then I think its best if the timer was in middle of bar rather than the side because it looks awkward on the side and it can get distracting. I think they can both gets confusing since the points are just under the timer and could confuse the player because theirs these numbers so close together. I think it’s best not to have a numeric timer, the red bar does the job.



Game Over Screen

I changed the retry text into an icon. I prefer the text rather than the icon because with the icon, it creates this gap between the back button and the retry button. I think the gap from the text retry button leaves just the right amount of space.




The shop menu is to cramped, I thin it’s best to add screens for each part of the pez dispenser.



For example when the player selects the pez head then they get taken to the pez head screen where the player can just buy pez heads. The player can scroll the screen horizontally to browse for more pez heads, the slider at the bottom can be used to scroll the screen or the player can just swipe the screen, it shows them how far they have scrolls like beginning, middle or end, and it shows how far the screen goes. The down side to this is that more screens have to be created for each part but I think its all worth it because the old screen is to cramped to navigate, this way theirs a lot more space.


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