#50 Pez Tapper – Testing in “invsion”

Pez Tapper

Invision Testing

I created all the screens and moved them to invision to piece it all together and start getting feed back

Main menu on invision

The screens fit well on the phone and I added the hotpots on the buttons so when testers click on them, they will be taken to a different screen



I also created a feed back form that asks the testers:

  • What they liked?
  • What they didn’t like?
  • What needs fixing?
  • What they would like to see in the game?
  • Is it worth making and why they think that?
  • Rate the game form 1 to 10, 10 being good 1 being bad.
  • Most importantly, which of the 2 prototypes is worth making?

Link to feed back form:



I made a video sowing off all the screens in the game

Pez Tapper invision video


Link to invision prototype:


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