#49 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Expectations

Bubble Wrapper Tapper


Main menu

The screen will fade in to the main menu then the player can select an option.

There’s only 3 options and most likely the player will select the play button at the top.

The trophy takes the player to the leaderboards and the sound button mutes the sound. The only sound effects that would be in the game is the sound of bubbles popping. The sound of a bubble popping can be a satisfying to hear so it would be nice to have it in the game, but people can find it annoying so the option is there.

Once the player selects the start button the screen fades out, and fades into the game screen.


Game screen

The screen will fade in and the bubbles will be placed in random places so it’s different each time when the player starts or retries the game.

The game doesn’t start immediately, the game starts when the player taps the screen so the player decides when they feel that there ready to start.

The player can get more than a few points at their first time playing, the only way to lose is from the time limit so as long as there quick they won’t lose. When the different coloured bubbles come in, that’s when the player can lose since its sa new bubble and they have to figure out how to pop it. Once they figured it out the time limit will be close to running out so they can either figure out the new bubbles and still pop all the bubbles or figure it out but lose in the process.

The time limit is fair at the start but then it gets faster and faster with each round so the player has to up there speed each time and at some point there going to lose.

The player will be able to figure out what to do there first time since popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap is common so popping a virtual bubble wrap shouldn’t be tough to figure out.


Game over Screen

Once the player loses they will most likely hit the retry button to try again, either that or quit the game, there’s no other game mode. The player can either try again and get better at the game and show off their high scores to friends or beat their friends scores or quit the game.



The leaderboards won’t be used that much, it just shows off scores so unless the player cares about the leaderboards, this screen won’t be visited that much or even not be visited at all.


gameover screen dark.png

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