#48 Pez Tapper – Expectations

Pez Tapper


The first thing that happens is the screen fades in then the player can select one of the options.

I expect the player to select the play button first because it takes them straight to the game where all the fun is. If they don’t select play at first then they most likely will go to the shop to see what the game is selling. Once the player selects play the game will fade out then fade into the game screen.

Main Menu


Game Screen

When the game starts there’s a small animation giving an idea on how to play the game.

Also when the player taps the screen the game will start, this way the player can start the game when they feel ready.

It’s better to have a small animation than telling the player how to play with words.

Let’s say the game is made and put onto the play store, the description for the game will mostly likely be how simple the game and how it plays. There can even be videos and images to help enforce this as well.


For example:

  • One touch controls

  • Dispense the right amount of candy

  • Watch out for the time limit

  • Don’t dispense too much candy!


So the player gets an idea on how to play the game before they even download it.


The player might get a few points early on but once the game starts to pick up speed they most likely will lose due to over tapping. I expect players to lose from overtapping rather than running out the time limit.

If the player goes slow then the time limit will run out. If the player goes to quick then they will make a mistake and dispense too ,much candy causing them to lose.


Game over Screen

When the player loses, the game over screen will show their results, I expect the player to lose early on and they want to try again to see what they did wrong and get better at the game.

They might also check out the store to see what they can buy with the golden candy.


Shop Screen

The shop screen allows the player to purchase different appearances for the pez dispenser and candy that shoots out of it. The player will browse around to see if there’s anything worth earning all that golden candy to buy something. The store doesn’t change the gameplay so it won’t be used that much.


Second shop screen

If the player does want to buy something then they have to earn the golden candy motivating them to play the game and get better to earn golden candy more quicker.


Leaderboard screen

The leaderboard screen I think will be the least visited screen, it only shows high score, if the player doesn’t care about leaderboards then they might check it out to see what’s there, then they never come back it, they might not even go to it at all.


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