#45 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Retention

Bubble Wrapper Tapper


Reasons the player would leave game are similar to the reasons in Pez Tapper such as:

  • Theirs only one game mode so players can get bored of doing the same thing over and over again
  • The game might be too hard for players causing frustration which leads to players uninstalling the game
  • Bugs can ruin the whole game, so the game needs to be tested and any bugs found must be fixed.

A reason why players would leave is because they wouldn’t know how to pop the coloured bubbles, when t hey show up the player may not know what to do and before the figure out how to pop it, the time has run out so they have to get to that round again to give it another shot. I designed it so its hinted how to pop each coloured bubble, when the dark blue bubble gets tapped the colour changes to the normal blue colour, when he purple or orange bubble get tapped the other purple or orange bubbles light up so the player knows what these bubbles are connected some how. Players might not be able to figure that out right away which will cause hem to lose when they are introduced to the coloured bubbles.

A reason why players would stay is because there is variety in the game play, the player doesn’t have to keep popping the same bubble over and over again, their are different colored bubbles that need to be popped in a certain way which changes up the game play.

The game can get challenging which can be a good thing because the game wouldn’t get boring and can motivate the player to get better at the game.

The game is quick to start up and play, so it can make a good time killer game.

The controls goal is simple, pop all the bubbles, the player just has to tap the bubbles so the controls are simple and can be learnt on their first run of the game.

Game has cartoony menus, buttons and bright colours which can pleasing to look at which can further absorb the player into the game.

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