#44 Pez Tapper – Retention

Pez Tapper


Players need a reason to continue the game, if they leave too fast and too often then something is wrong, players might be getting bored or the game is too frustrating. I’m going to make a list of reasons why players will continue to play Pez Tapper and also why they would leave.

A reason why players would leave the game is because theirs not much else to do other than the one game mode where the player has to dispense candy, theirs no other game play. Players can get bored doing the same thing over and over again so they can just decide to leave and play something that’s better and has more game modes to offer.

Another reason why players would leave is because the game might be to hard for players, the could get stuck and can’t progress any further which gets the player frustrated which causes them to shut off the game and not come back to it. The game is meant to be hard, simple controls and game play but hard to master, but it could still cause players to leave despite the simplicity.

The game could be buggy which can ruin the experience of the game and immediately cause the player uninstall the game and never comer back to it. To fix this the game needs to be tested and if there are any bugs then they need to be fixed or else players wouldn’t even play the game for few minutes before they decide the games broken and never play it again.

When the player starts the game they need a reason to stay at all times. Things that could get the player to stay are:

  • Quick start up
  • Short loading times
  • Appealing menus and buttons
  • Simple controls
  • Fun game play
  • Hooked the first time playing
  • Rewarded for their efforts

Players would return to the game mostly to kill time rather than going for high scores or beating a friend. If the player wants to kill time then this game is a quick pick up and play.

The controls are easy to learn and can be grasped the first time then player plays the game.

The goal is simple get the high score, nothing complex.

The game is challenging and that’s a big reason why players will come back to the game, it’s not challenging enough that you get frustrated and want to shut the game off, it’s just frustrating enough that you want to give it another shot. With each run of the game the player improves and gives the feeling of progression, this can make the player want to continue the game and see how far they can get.



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