#43 Bubble Wrapper Tapper -Mechanics

Bubble Wrapper Tapper


Bubble Wrapper Tappers mechanics are:

  • Popping bubbles
  • Popping dark blue/purple/orange bubble
  • Points
  • Timer
  • Game over
  • Leaderboard
  • Mute
  • Menu buttons
  • Pause button

Popping bubbles is done by tapping the circle shape on the screen just once. This what the main game play is. The game starts with a few bubbles with more bubbles appearing as the player gets further into the game. All the normal bubbles are blue so the player knows which ones can be popped once and which ones need to be popped differently.

There are 3 coloured bubbles that appear later in the game, dark blue, purple and orange. These bubbles need to be popped differently and the game can’t continue until all the bubbles are popped. The dark blue bubbles can only be popped by tapping them twice, when hey are tapped once they turn from dark blue into the normal bubbles so the player knows that theirs something different with this bubble. The purple bubble needs to be popped by tapping 2 of these bubbles at the same time, this is hinted at the player when they tap one purple bubble, the other lights up hinting that these to bubbles are connected somehow. The orange bubble can only be popped by holding and dragging across from one orange bubble to another orange bubble. The reason for these coloured bubbles is to make the game more fun and add some variety instead of just having the one normal bubble that needs to be popped the same way over and over again boring the player.

Points are earned by popping all of the bubbles on the screen, then the player gets a point and the next set of bubble appear for the player to pop. The purpose of points is to see how far you can get in a single game. The can also be used to see how far the player has gotten in the game so they know when he game is going to get harder. The further the payer gets the more challenging the game gets with more bubbles and faster time limit.

The timer is there to give challenge to the player, without it the game wouldn’t be fun at all and get boring really quickly. The timer is only way the player can lose so having it in the game is vital for the game play. At the start of the game the timer is a little lenient for the player but as the player gets further the time limit goes faster so the player has to improve and get better at the game if they want to achieve higher points.

When the player runs out of time the game is over, then the game over screen shows up showing how far you got in the current game and your overall high score. From here the player tap the retry button to start the game again or tap the back button to head back to the main menu.

The leaderboards are their to show other players high scores as well your own. Players can use this too see how far someone could get in this game or check to see if they want o beat any high scores.

The mute button is to mute the sound in the game, if the player doesn’t want to hear it then they just have to tap the sound button once. The sound button can also be accessed on the pause menu encase the player wants to mute the sound mid game.

Menu buttons are their to take the player to different screens, the buttons show icons rather than text. I think icons are more appealing to look at and they are easy figure out where the button will take the player for example a play icon takes them to the game and the trophy icon takes the player to the leaderboards.

The pause button is so the player can stop the game but continue later on. It’s placed next to the timer where no bubbles are next t it so the player doesn’t hit the pause button by mistake.

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