#42 Pez Tapper – Mechanics

Pez Tapper


Game mechanics are all the aspects that make up the game play.

Pez Tappers mechanics are:

  • Dispensing candy
  • Points
  • Timer
  • Game over
  • Leaderboard
  • Golden candy
  • Shop
  • Mute
  • Menu buttons
  • Pause button

Dispensing candy is done by tapping anywhere on the screen expect for the pause button, then a small animation plays where candy shoots out of the pez dispenser and travels to the bottom of the pez candy outlines. This is what the player is going to be doing mostly in the game. However tapping the screen to play the game can also make you lose the game, if the player dispenses to much candy then the game is over adding challenge to game. The player has to be precise on how may times they tap the screen and on top of that theirs a time limit so they also have to be quick increasing the challenge to the player.

Points are something to reward the player, for their effort. When the player dispenses the right amount of candy on all of the candy outlines then they are rewarded with a point and the next wave begins. At the game over screen, every 10 points are converted into gold candy which is used to buy different skins from the shop. The points are also their to show how far you got in a single game which is also displayed in the leader boards for other people to see. The more points the player has the more difficult the game gets with less time and more candy to dispense, so the points can also indicate when the game is about to get harder.

The timer is one way the player can lose, once it drops down all the way, the game is over. Without the time limit there will be no challenge because the player can just take their time and have no reason to rush. So just by having the timer it creates a challenge for the player making consequence for going slow so they need to go fast and as the game goes on the timer will go even faster increasing the challenge so players have to up their up game if they want to achieve higher points.

The game over screen is to show how far the player has got to displaying their points in the current game, their overall high score and the golden candy they have earned. From here the player can retry the game to quickly have another go. The player can also return back to the main menu to either head to the shop, mute the sound, check the leaderboards or quit the game.

The leaderboards are their to show other players high scores as well your own. Players can use this too see how far someone could get in this game or check to see if they want o beat any high scores.

Golden candy is used to buy different skins for the pez dispenser and candy form the shop. Every 10 points the player earns rewards then with 1 golden candy.

The shop is where the player can buy skins. The player can buy skins for the pez body, head and candy. None of these add anything to the game play, it’s just to something mess round with.

The mute button is to mute the sound in the game, if the player doesn’t want to hear it then they just have to tap the sound button once. The sound button can also be accessed on the pause menu encase the player wants to mute the sound mid game.

Menu buttons are their to take the player to different screens, the buttons tell them which screen their going to be taken to because of the text on the buttons such as Play or Shop.

The pause button is so the player can stop the game but continue later on. It’s placed int he corner of the game screen so it doesn’t get tin the way off the game.

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