#41 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Core Game Loop

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Core game loop

The main activities the player will be doing is:

  • Popping bubbles

  • Losing

  • Earning points

  • Getting the high score


The goal of the game is to pop all the bubbles on the sheet of bubble wrap, once they do that the player earns a point. The player has to earn as many points as possible to get the highest score. To achieve this goal the player will be losing a lot because the game is difficult the higher the score the more challenging it would be to beat it.

When the player loses the results screen shows up displaying how points the earned in that game and it would also show the players highest score they got. If the player has beaten there high score then it show there new highscore on the results screen and on the leaderboards.

Then the player starts over andrepates the process.


Core loop diagram




The player must pop all the bubbles to earn points and get the highest score possible. Player can make their goal like beat their friends high scores or be the number on the leaderboards.

The controls can be learned the first time playing, just pop the bubbles.

Some bubbles have to be popped differently, this is done to make the game more fun so the player doesn’t have to pp the same blue bubble over and over again.

The replay value is high, the game is a quick start up, and players can either get highscores, beat friends high scores or just kill time with quick bubble popping game play.

As players get high scores, the more difficulty it adds for them. If the player gets a high score of 80 then they will have to beat that score, if reaching 80 was hard then getting a higher score would be even harder and will keep getting more difficulty with each higher score.

Losing will frustrate the player which will make them stop playing the game and feel like uninstalling it, but once that frustration is gone they can come back to the game and give it another try.

The player will be able to see there progres on the leaderboard and their position. It also shows the top 10 scores in the world so other players can beat their scores.


Next thing I’m going to do is work on some more game design techniques

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