#40 Pez Tapper – Core Game loop

Pez Tapper

Core game loop

The main things activities the player will be doing is:

  • Dispensing candy

  • Losing

  • Getting points

  • Using golden candy to buy skins


The goal of the game is to tap the screen to dispense a certain amount of candy indicated by the number of rectangular outlines on the screen, once the player has dispensed the right amount of candy they will earn a point. The objective is to get the highest score the player can possibly get. To get to this goal the player will lose many times due to the difficulty of the game. The higher the players scores the harder it will be to beat it because they have to do even better than what they did before.

When the player loses they will earn golden candy. The player earns one golden candy every 10  points they get. The player can use golden canady to buy skins from the in game store to customise the appearance of the pez dispenser and the colour of the candy.

Then the player starts over again and repeats the process.


Core loop diagram


Simple goal, get the highest score as possible, the player can make their own goal like beat their friends scores or Buy everything in the store.

The controls basic and easy to learn on your first try, just tap the screen to dispense candy.

The replay value is high, players can quickly start the game and get right on to playing. The player can either make there own high score, beat their friends high scores or just kill time with quick, fast paced gameplay.

The higher the players scores the harder the challenge it would be to beat it. If a player gets a score of 100 then they have to beat that score, if getting to 100 was hard then getting past that would be even more difficult and would keep getting even more difficult with each highscore.

Player won’t play the game all day, they have to put it down due to frustration and feel like they want to uninstall the game, but once they calmed down they can return to the game and try again.

The player will be able to see their progress on the scoreboard on the menu showing their highest score and what position they are in. It also shows the top 10 scores in the world so other players can beat their scores.

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