#4 Change of plans

I met my supervisor and discussed what I’m up to, what I plan to do next as well as what I want to do in the future.

I want to make my own company from scratch but also wanting to get ex prince from the industry.

We discussed my strengths and weaknesses and my biggest problem is programming, I barley know the basics and I don’t really enjoy it. to make the game i’m going to have to know programming.

My Biggest strength is game design which I enjoy the most.

I’ve been given a few options for my project, I could either learn programming, make a game and make sure everything works, the downside is that i’m not confidant in programming and this could screw things up if I cant get the programming to work.

The other option is to prototype a few ideas from game designers perceptive and methodology. My supervisor has shown me examples of his prototyping methods from his small projects.

Using methods like:

  • GIF’s to show others how you want certain things to function like how do you want a character to shoot, collect ammo, re-spawn  etc.
  • Image and video references to help explain my idea
  • Getting feedback from others to see how they are liking the game and sharing with you what works, what doesn’t work, is it fun etc.
  • Documenting my ideas, how I want things to work, what I want them do, an idea on what to look like, how I want it to feel etc.
  • Hooks of the game, what makes it special
  • Gameplay Highlights, parts of the game that standout from the rest
  • Using tools like Photoshop to create how I want the graphics to look on things like UI, Characters, objects etc.

All without programming

I’ve decided to go with the prototyping idea, i’m confident that this is something I can get done, its within my skill-set. My supervisor has also informed me that its better to have a few prototyping ideas all documented and refined with images and videos making it easy to understand for others, than having a game that doesn’t work because of the lack of programming.

What I plan to do next is start prototyping with one of the ideas from a game designers standpoint.

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