#39 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Customer Journey Map

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Customer journey map

The game should be appealing to eyes with its cartoony graphics and bright colours.

The buttons should also draw the player in. The start button is the biggest and flashiest of all because that’s where all the action is so the player will be immediately drawn to that button.

The game is simple so the controls don’t need much explanation. The game is about popping bubbles on bubble wrap and since that’s a common thing for people to do once they get a hold on bubble wrap, it should be clear what to do in the game. The game will get frustrating, the further the player progresses the quicker the time limit will go down so the player needs to be quicker with each round. Even though the game is about tapping bubbles, there are different bubbles that need to popped differently to make the game more fun, it would get dull popping the same bubble over and over again so this way there is some variety to make the game less boring.

I expect the player to lose a lot which will make them frustrated but not so frustrated that they want to smash their phones, just frustrated enough that they want to keep playing. The players goal would either be to get the highscore to show off to friends or to kill time. The game is small so its a quick download and play, it doesn’t take much space on there phones so maybe players won’t bother to install it so it would be kept on their phones.

Players would come back to the game for the high speed bubble popping gameplay, the challenge can make the game addicting and get the player to come back.

I would expect the game to played by anyone who isn’t afraid of challenge and doesn’t get frustrated easily.

The game would either be a one time play or played lightly or possibly heavily depending on how addicted the player is.

 Customer Journey map Spreadsheet


Link to spreadsheet:


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