#38 Pez Tapper – Customer Journey Map

Pez Tapper

Customer Journey Map

The game is small so it should be quick to download from the store.

Once the player starts the game they should most likely start by hitting the play button which will take them to the game which is what the player came for.

The controls are simple to learn and the goal is straightforward. The player should learn how to play the game on there first try. Before the player taps the screen to begin the game there is an quick animation showing the player how to play. It’s one touch controls and it has the player doing one thing which is tapping the screen. The player will figure how the rest of the game works without the game telling them, the time limit and points are self explanatory. The goal is to get as many points as you can, but it won’t be easy. Even though the controls are simple it’s also difficult to master, the game will test there speed and precision, the further the player progresses the faster the game time limit will go down so they have to quicker as the game goes on. They also need to be careful not to over tap the screen because to many taps will dispense too much candy and then the player will lose, so not only do they have to be quick but they need to precise in tapping the screen a certain amount of times depending on how much candy needs to be dispensed.

The player is going to lose a lot which will frustrate the player but not frustrate them too much that they want to uninstall the game, it will frustrate them just enough that they want to keep playing.

The reason to play the game is either to kill time or get a high score to show off to friends. The is a quick pick up and play so it makes it a nice time killer.

Some players will get annoyed and uninstall the game but other players will keep the game installed and come back to it every now and then, the games not for everybody.

The game will suit any audience that doesn’t  ind a challenge but for people who get frustrated easily and dont like challenge then I don’t think this game is for them.

This game would either be one time play or kept installed on peoples phones and played either casually or heavily. Since it’s a small game and doesn’t take up too much space maybe people wouldn’t bother uninstalling the game on there phones.

I’m going to use the same template I used for the first prototype.

Customer Journey map spreadsheet


Link to spreadsheet:


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