#37 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Screenshots of Statistics ingame

My supervisor suggested to take screenshots of the previously mentioned statistics ingame to show a quick visual comparison between this data.

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

On the first five rounds 5 to 10 bubbles will spawn randomly as well as being randomly placed on the bubble sheet.

Round 1 – 5 bubbles



On round 11 is when the dark blue bubble shows up as well as spawning 10 to 20 bubbles randomly

Round 11 – 11 bubbles – 1 dark blue



On round 21 is when purple bubbles show up, 2 of them need to spawn because they can only be popped if the 2 purple bubbles are tapped at the same time.

Round 21 – 13 bubbles – 2 purple



Once the player has learned how to pop the dark blue bubbles and purple bubbles, they both show up radnomly on rounds 26 to 30

Round 26 – 13 bubbles – – 2 dark blue – 2 purple 



On round 31 is when the orange bubbles appear, 2 bubbles need to appear because they can only be popped if the player drags from one orange bubble to the other.

Round 31 – 17 bubbles – 2 orange



Now that the player knows how to pop all the coloured bubbles, they all show up randomly on round 36 and over.

Round 36 – 15 bubbles – 1 dark blue – 2 purple – 2 orange



Finally on round 51 and over, 15 to 25 bubbles will show up randomly and there can be up to 3 dark blue bubbles, 4 purple and 4 orange.

Round 51 –  14 bubbles – 3 dark blue – 4 purple – 4 orange 


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