#36 Pez Tapper – Screenshots of the Statistics ingame

My supervisor suggested to take screenshots of the previously mentioned statistics ingame to show a quick visual comparison between this data.

Pez Tapper

On the first five rounds, 1 to 5 pez candies will appear at random

Round 0 – 4 candies



On round 36 and over, there will be 1 to 10 candies at random for the rest of the game

Round 26 – 10 candies



One thing I noticed is that it’s difficult knowing how much time you have when it’s just a red bar going down at different speeds.

I added a numeric timer on the side of time limit to make it easier to show how much time they have left.

Screenshot of numeric timer



Maybe the numbers can go in the read bar so they both count down.

Perhaps just not have a red bar at all and just have a numeric timer. I prefer having the red bar because theirs less numbers on the screen making it less distracting. I would like to know what other people think in the feed back process. This issue applies with Bubble Wrapper Tapper because the time limit behaves the same way.

Screenshot of timer in the red bar



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