#35 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Statistics

Bubble Wrapper Tapper


I have created a spreadsheet displaying what changes in each round such as time and the amount of bubbles that appear in the game as well as the 3 coloured bubbles.

Spread sheet screenshot

Link to spreadsheet:


The games first 5 rounds starts off with 6 seconds and 5 to 10 bubbles, this eases the player in the game. Every 5 rounds something changes and makes the game more difficult such as more bubbles, less time and coloured bubbles When the player gets to round 21 all the rest of the rounds will 5 seconds because I don’t think players are capable of popping 25 bubbles within say 3 seconds so I kept the time at 5 but increased the amount of bubbles so the players have to get faster but within the same time frame.

I made the max amount of bubbles 25 because I don’t think the average player can handle more than that. Their are 73 spaces for bubbles on the screen, I didn’t want to go over board with the amount of bubbles so my rough guess is 25 would be a fair amount of maximum bubbles in the game. I also made 15 the least amount of bubbles to pop because if I kept the minimum at 5 then those rounds would be easy, theirs also no penalty for tapping an empty space, I wanted to keep the players thumbs busy at all times so I think 15 is a good amount to have for a minimum amount of bubbles.

The coloured bubbles would be introduced every 10 rounds, the first coloured bubble that would show up is the dark blue bubbles, I believe it’s the easiest one to pop out of the 3, then it’s the purple bubble then the orange bubble. Once the player has had 10 rounds to practice popping the coloured bubbles, they all show up randomly on round 36 and sometimes all of the coloured bubbles can show up in one round.

Once the player reaches round 51 the time and amount of random bubbles show up stays the same so it then becomes an endurance, If I shorten the time limit any further or increase the amount of bubbles then it may be impossible for a person to pop all the bubbles within the time limit, for example popping 30 bubbles in 4 seconds is near impossible so I kept it all the same after round 50.


Next thing i’m going to do is work on some more game design techniques.

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