#34 Pez Tapper – Statistics

Pez Tapper


I made a spread sheet showing what changes within each round such as time and the amount of pez candy that needs to be dispensed.

Statistics may change because they haven’t been tested.

Spreadsheet screenshot:


Link to spreadsheet:


The game starts off easy giving the player 4 seconds to complete the first round. The amount of pez the player needs to dispense is randomized between 1 and 5. Every 5 rounds the time goes 0.2 seconds quicker and adds 1 candy to the randomizer, the max candy being 10. So the game gets more difficult every 5 rounds with less time and more pez candy to dispense. When the player gets to round 56 all the rest of the rounds will be 2 seconds on the timer and 1 to 10 pez candy can be spawn at random for the rest of the game. The reason for this is because theirs only so far the timer can go before it becomes impossible for a person to tap all the pez candy within the time limit for example tapping the screen 10 times in 1 second can be near impossible so I kept the timer at 2 seconds to give the player a fighting chance.

You may think if the player gets the one candy then it makes the round easy because they just have to tap the screen once saving time, I think it should be kept their because the player can be caught off guard, they could get 2 to 10 candies for a while giving them the itchy tappy finger then all of a sudden one candy appears and it may cause them to over tap and lose.

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