#33 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Progression, Challenge and Reward

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Progression, Challenge and Rewards


The feeling of progression is something that Bubble Wrapper Tapper has. Progress such as getting a higher score than your previous one and then beating that high score. The player can achieve this by playing the game every now and then which will make them learn and improve. The game is simple, pop all the bubbles before the time runs out so you would think speed is what the player has to improve on. However there’s mechanics in the game that requires not only requires peed form the player but precision as well. Not all bubbles can be popped with one tap, there are differently coloured bubbles that need to be popped differently. Dark blue bubbles which need to be tapped twice to pop, purple bubbles which 2 of these need to be popped at time, and orange bubbles which need to be held down and dragged to another orange bubble for both bubbles to pop. So the player needs to can’t just rapidly tap the screen to pop everything.

The player needs to find the best way to deal those coloured bubbles then once their cleared they can go back to rapidly tapping the screen again. Or they can do things differently such as popping all the normally bubbles first then going for the coloured bubbles.

The coloured bubbles don’t show up at the start, because I want to to ease the player into the game by first letting them pop normal bubbles then introduce a coloured bubble in the later rounds, then in further rounds more than one coloured bubble will show up and since the player got some Practice in the previous rounds they can handle more than 1 coloured bubble.

Also when there are few bubbles on the screen the player needs to be more precise because if a bunch of bubbles are close to together it’s easy just to quickly tap to get them, but when their are few remaining that’s when the time limit is about to run out and the player needs to make sure not to miss the bubbles when tapping.



The game can be difficult with its strict time limit but the challenge can be over come by playing the game over and over again and learning how things work, such as when the coloured bubbles start to appear and when the time limit starts to go down fast to a point where full on focus is needed. The only way to lose running out of time, so the player doesn’t have to worry about over tapping the screen or tapping popped bubbles. The time limit is lenient in the first couple rounds then as the player progresses it gets more harsh which means the player has to tap those bubbles faster than before and be more precise. The further the game goes on the more improvement is needed to over come the late rounds. The player has to come up with ways that give them the smoothest ride to the late rounds because that where the full energy is needed. Ways the player can make things go a little smoothly early on is to not use all your energy on the start, if so then your thumbs or finger may get worn out before making it to where you want to be. Perhaps the player can find out which rounds they can get up to without trying to hard and then figure out which round starts making it difficult the player so when they get to the difficult part that’s when they start given there full attention to the game and really try to get as far they can go.



There’s no shop in the game or any sort of item or achievement earned when getting to a high score. If I were to add a store in the game then the player can purchase, different backgrounds for the game and instead of bubbles, the player can pop balloons.

Another reward could be achievements, doing certain tasks within the game such as pop any 500 bubbles or get a score of 100. This way the player can have something fun to aim for and if players enjoy getting achievements in other games then they might enjoy it in this game too.

The reward for the game is the satisfaction of getting to the your desired high score or beating a friends high score and showing it off. If the player feels satisfied then it was worth the effort.


Next thing I’m going to do is work on the statistics for both games.

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