#32 Pez Tapper – Progression, Challenge and Reward

Pez Tapper

Progression, Challenge and Rewards


Progression can make a player feel like their not wasting their time on the game. It also makes them feel like they are improving and learning about the game. Pez Tapper can give that feeling, even though it’s a small game, progress can still be made. Progress such as beating a previous high score, beating it means that the player learned and got better at the game to achieve a high score. To get better at the game the player has to keep practicing, there isn’t much to learn, just tap the screen the right amount of times to dispense the right amount of candy. The player has to look at see how much candy to dispense and carefully not over tap the screen but they also have to be quick because theirs a time limit that gets faster the further the player progresses, this way the player has to get better to make this all happen. For such a simple game it can be frustrating and difficult which adds challenge to the game.


Having challenge in the game can make the game more fun for the player but it will also make it more frustrating.

Having the game to easy can make the player bored and wouldn’t feel any progression has been made. Having the game to difficult can get the player stuck and frustrate them so much that they don’t want to play the game. Having a perfect balance of the 2 can make a fun and addicting game.

Difficulty graph


Pez Tappers can be frustrating because the player has to focus on being careful but also being quick at the same time. The player can’t take their time because of the time limit, but they can’t be too quick because they might over tap and lose the game. The player has to master being careful and quick at the same time. But once the player gets a grip on how the game works then it gets easier and it might get boring. However as the player progresses the game gets harder, such faster times and more pez candies to dispense quickly. So the game is still difficult no matter how far you progress. At some point the player is going to get stuck, this creates a wall that the player has to climb. To get past this wall the player has to figure out how to get better at the game using the mechanics in the game. The only way to progressing is to tap the screen the right amount of times to get points. Maybe the player can count down the time limit for each round, at the start the time limit will be a little lenient so the player doesn’t have to go all out and waste their energy at the start. Perhaps in the later rounds when the time limit goes pretty fast, then its time to go crazy on the screen. That’s one way the player can get better. The more you play the game, the more you notice little things like the the speed of the time limit, the more you play the more you improve.

All this effort doesn’t go unnoticed, the player is also rewarded for all that hard work they put into the game.



Having rewards in the game makes the player feel that there hard work wasn’t for nothing and gives a satisfying feeling proving that it wasn’t a waste of time.

As the player progresses and gets a bunch of points, those points reward the player with golden candy. Golden candy is used to buy different looks for your pez dispenser and pez candy that it shoots out. It’s nothing big it’s just a little something the player can some fun with while they play the game. Maybe the player will have some joy out of the game if there pez dispenser was a different colour or shaped differently. Perhaps the player can make their own reward such as getting 100 points or beating a friends high score and just doing that is satisfying enough.




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