#31 New Techniques

I visited my supervisor to discuss what can I do differently because I feel like I’m repeating myself with the customer journey, the 2 games are both casual addicting time killers, theirs not much else to add.

My supervisor showed different core game design techniques that I should look into and start adding to the 2 prototypes.

My supervisor gave me some techniques to look into.

Core game design techniques such as:

Game design:

  • Loops
  • Retention
  • Arcs
  • Progression
  • Rewards
  • Challange
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics

User Experience:

  • User Testing
  • Playtesting

User Interface:

  • Variations
  • Screen/trails
  • A/B splits


  • Anything I can find and decide upon which methods to use


I’m going to start with some research because I don’t know what half of these methods mean, this way I can learn about each of these techniques and apply them professionally to the prototypes.

After that I will start using methods for game design to create spreadsheets, diagrams and word documents which will help me understand why it’s important to use these methods and how it would help me as a game designer to present my ideas to game industries.

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