#30 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Menus

Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Main Menu


The main menu takes place on a sheet of bubble wrap

I made the title multi coloured to add some colour to the menu, either that make the screen mostly blue. The colours I added are pink, orange and dark blue to represent the different bubbles the player will be popping in the game.

I decided not to add a quit button because most of these small addictive games don’t have one and I don’t think its necessary to have it.

This menu contains a play button, leaderboards and mute sound. Their all self explanatory. The sound button is the smallest because its the least necessary option out of the three, I want the players to notice the play button the most so I added the only green colour on the menu and its positioned above all the other options. I used icons instead of words because icons look more cartoony and fit more with this game than words.

The background can look better with a texture, perhaps a plastic texture since bubble wrap is made plastic, the background does need some appeal because its just a flat colour that doesn’t fit well with the bright cartoony look of the bubbles and icons.

Game Screen


The game starts out with a few bubbles and as the player gets further more bubbles appear as well as the different types of bubbles that need to be popped differently.

The game has a timer, score, bubbles and a pause button.

Game Over Screen


When the player loses the game over screen appears displaying the players results.

Theirs also a button to go back to the main menu and a retry button to try again.

I lowered the opacity because the bubbles get in the way of the buttons at the bottom. I also tried darkening the screen to see if it works better rather than lowering the opacity.

Game Over Screen Darkened


I think this works better than lowering the opacity, the game over circle also pops out a little better making it easier for the player to read.

Leaderboard Screen


The leaderboard shows the top 10 players in the game as well as your position on the leaderboard which is displayed at the bottom.

The bubbles are there to make the screen look nicer. The flat coloured background doesn’t help, that needs some appeal.

Theirs also a back button to take the player back to the main menu.


Next thing i’m going to do is create a customer journey to show how I think players are going to feel and expect in the game.

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