#29 Pez Tapper – Menus

Pez Tapper

Main menu

I wanted the game to have bright colours like the variety of pez colours there are.

I tried to make the menu look more like the packaging with the yellow background and tilted text. i filled the screen with small pez candy to make the screen look more appealing to at. I lowered the opacity so players know which candy are the buttons and which are for decoration.

I tired to make the buttons look like pez candy, its not perfect but that was the idea, I tired to use complementary colours to make the text pop out form the candy to make it easy for players to read and also giving it some appeal.

I used the Adobe colour wheel to find out about the complimentary colours

Main menu Screen



Pez packaging



Adobe colour wheel screenshot


Link to adobe colour wheel

https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/?base=2&rule=Complementary&selected=4&name=My Color Theme&mode=rgb&rgbvalues=0.7,0.31134760354109403,0,1,0.4447822907729915,0,1,0.4447822907729915,0,0,0.6048364046378992,0.7,0.014460612543227835,0.8660178978837874,1&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4


Game Screen

The game screen is simple, it has a pez dispenser, candy out lines, timer, score and pause button. I think this is all the player needs to play the game.

The pause button is there just in case the player needs to stop the game but wants to continue it later on without ending the game.



Game over Screen

The game over screen shows the player there results. It shows there score, there overall high score and how much golden candy they earned.



Leaderboard Screen

This shows the top 10 players in the game as well as your position



Shop Menu

The player can spend golden candy to buy different heads and bodies for the pez dispenser so the next time you play the game, your customized pez dispenser will be shown. The player can also purchase different coloured candy that shoots out of the pez dispenser in the game.

I tired to put all this on one screen but it doesn’t look pretty, I had the idea of making different screens for each customizable piece, but that would of taken a while and instead I put it all on one screen.

The arrows browse through the parts of the pez dispenser and the golden candy tell the player how much the selected part is.


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