#27 Pez Tapper – Animations

Pez Tapper

When the player starts the game, a short animation will play giving the player an idea on how to play the game

Tutorial GIF


When the player touches the screen the game starts

This animation makes it clear how I want the game to be played.

I also wanted the pez candy to start at the bottom and build its way up to the top making it feel like a tower is being built giving the player a since of progression and satisfaction.

Main game GIF


Theirs 2 ways the player can lose one is dispensing to much candy. I want something to show that the player has lost because they dispensed to much so I made the candy’s fall on top of each other letting the player know why they lost.

To much candy GIF


The 2nd way the player can lose is letting the timer run down. Once the timer has reached the end the screen will flash for a secound letting the player know that the timer ran out.

Similar to Flappy bird when the player loses the screen will flash for brief second

Flappy bird screen flash


Time limit end GIF


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