#26 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Tutorial Plan


The game should be simple enough, pop all the bubbles. I want the player to understand the controls on there first run.

This is a rough sketch of what I want the game screen to look like.

The dark blue bar is the time limit

The 0 is the player score


I don’t think the game needs instructions on how to play, the title is called “Bubble wrapper tapper” so it hints that the game is going to be about tapping bubbles on a bubble wrap. Also popping bubbles on bubble wrap is a common thing for people to do so they would understand what to do once they see a bubble wrap on the screen with unpopped bubbles. The player will discover that the dark blue bar is the time limit on there first time playing since its the only way the player can lose and it will be obvious when seeing the dark blue bar decrease.

How to play – The player must tap the bubbles to pop them. The blue circles are bubbles and the blue outlines are popped bubbles.

Goal – The player must pop all the bubbles before the time runs out. The player will receive a point once all the bubbles are popped on one sheet of bubble wrap, once the player has popped all the bubbles a new sheet of bubble wrap will appear with the bubbles placed randomly on the bubble wrap each time a new bubble wrap appears.

How to lose – The only way the player can lose is if the time runs out. Once the player loses the game over screen will show up displaying the players score and there highest score.

Time limit – The time limit cant be stopped, the only way to refill the time limit is to complete a sheet of bubble wrap. The time limit starts off slow then gets faster the further the player progresses.

Points – The purpose of the points is for high score, showing it off on the leader board or social media sites.


Next thing i’m going to do is create animations showing how each game is going to be played.

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