#24 Pez Tapper – Tutorial Plan


The game is simple, it has the player doing one thing, tapping. I want the player to understand how to play the game on their first try.

When the player starts the game a small and short animation will play showing how to play the game.

Once the player taps the screen the game will start

The red bar on the top is the time limit, once that goes all the way down then its game over.

The number 0 is the players score



I don’t think the player needs to be told what the red bar is the time limit because it will be obvious what it is as the game is being played.

How to play – The player must tap the screen to dispense candy, one tap dispenses one candy.

Goal – The player must dispense the right amount for candy indicated by the outlined rectangles, doing so will reward the payer with one point, the player can go for the high score or play for fun.

How to lose – In my summary I said that the game is over if the player stops for a second, I want to get rid of that rule. Theirs 2 ways the player can lose. One being you run out of time. The other way to lose is if the player dispenses to much candy. for example if there are 5 outlined rectangles which means the player has to tap the screen 5 times to dispense 5 candy, if the player taps the screen 6 times then they didn’t dispense the right amount and the game is over. Once the player loses the game over screen will show up displaying the players score and there highest score as well as the amount of gold candy they have earned.

Time limit – The time limit is always moving and cannot be stopped, the only way to regain time is to complete a wave of candy. The time goes down slowly at the start, the further the player progresses, the faster the time limit will go down.

Points – Every 10 points reward the player with a golden candy, Golden candy is received when the player gets a game over. Golden candy is used to buy skins for the pez dispenser from the store.

Store – The store is accessed from the main menu. The player can browse different skins for the pez dispenser like different colours and different heads for the pez dispenser which then can be seen in the game. There will also be different coloured pez candy the player can purchase which can be seen in the game for example the candy can be solely one colour or a bunch of random coloured candy.

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