#25 Bubble Wrapper Tapper – Font

Bubble Wrapper Tapper


  • Cartoony
  • Popping out
  • Colourful
  • Bubbly

I used dafont.com to get some cartoony fonts that would suit the game. I want to looks similar to the game bubble bobble.

Bubble bobble font





I like these last 3, I’m going o take them to Photoshop and how good they look once edited.





I like the look of this font, i’m just not sure what colour to make it, i’m thinking the main colour should be blue but the bubbles are also going to blue and the background is also a light blue, so i’m going to try different colours to see if anything else looks good..


I think the colour purple or pink would look fine for this. Maybe once the bubbles, background and buttons come in with thier cartoony look and bright colours, the font and colours would fit the theme a lot better.


I don’t like this font stretches the title very far. I like the look of the font but the colors don’t suit it as good as the previous font.


I added a space for the word “Tapper” so the title doesn’t stretch as much. I still prefer the previous font over this one so I won’t be using this font.


The last font doesn’t have that cartoony look, it doesn’t pop out as much as the first font. I’m going to to try different colours to see if it would make it look better.



I tried some other colours and it doesn’t beat the first choice.





I’m going to use this font for its cartoony look and how well it shows colours.



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