#23 Pez Tapper – Font

Pez tapper


I want something retro similar to art style, I used the site “dafont.com” to find some fonts I would like to use for my game








I like these 2 fonts the most

The first one is like a bunch of pez candy forming the letters, it looks blocky and can fit with the theme of the game since it’s about Pez and the font fits that pez theme.


This font is more retro with its 8 bit appearance fitting the pixelated art style of the game but doesn’t have that fun PEZ look from the first one.


I will have to edit these fonts in Photoshop to make to see which looks better and fits the theme of the game.

I wanted the menu to look colourful so I had an idea of having different colored candy falling down in the background.

Since pez has all sorts of coloured candy I think the game should also be colorful

Pez candy


I wanted the wanted the font to reflect the pez logo which has a blue and white colour. I also made the background yellow to reflect the package the candy comes in.


Pez logo


Pez packaging


I tried using the same blending options on the other font but it doesn’t look good at all. For now i’m going to use the other font which works just fine.


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