#22 2nd Game Idea

2nd Game Idea

Name: Bubble Wrapper Tapper

Target audience: Everyone

Platform: Mobile


The player must pop all the bubbles on the bubble wrap, some are already popped and some aren’t. The player must look around the sheet of wrap and quickly pop the bubbles before the time runs out. If the time runs out it’s game over. Once the player has popped all the bubbles, a new sheet of bubble wrap will appear and the bubbles will be randomly placed each time a new sheet of bubble wrap appears. When the player has popped all the bubbles on one sheet of bubble wrap they will gain a point. The goal is to get the high score.   


I read some forums to see whats a good way to come up with a simple game idea, one of the ideas was to find something around the house and see if a game can be made out of it, I had some bubble wrap and thought what kind of game I can make out of it, then I thought of the quick speedy games like piano tiles or super hexagon. 


Super hexagon link



Piano tiles link:


Links to forums:





Game Features:

  • Rapid fast Tapping

  • Leaderboards

  • Cartoony graphics



  • Setting a record

  • Beating your friends high scores

  • Addicting gameplay

  • Speedy Gameplay


 Key Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Leaderboards to see friends and other players high scores

  • Obtain as many points as you can before the time runs out

  • Different coloured bubbles indicating how many taps it takes to pop a bubble

As for graphics I want it to look cartoony because bubble wrap doesn’t really look that interesting to being with but making it look more cartoony and colourful will make it look more appealing to the player.

I would like the bubble wrap to be bluish and the bubbles to be blue  




I like his image because it shows the bubbles standing out from the background so the player can easily see where the bubbles are.



I want the UI and menus to also look cartoony with bright colours and simple yet appealing buttons. 



I want the screen to be horizontal because it would easier to tap all around the screen where as it was vertical then it would be harder to tap all around the screen.

I expect players to use there thumbs to play because its the best way to quickly tap things on the screen and for a game like this it would help a lot.


This is the rough idea of what I want the game screen to look like

Blue circles are bubbles the player has to pop and the blue outlines are popped bubbles.

Once the player taps the screen or a bubble the game starts



When the player taps a bubble it will pop. The objective is to pop every bubble before the time runs out



Once the player has popped every bubble then they will get a point and the time will reset. Then a new sheet of bubble wrap would appear.



The bubbles will appear in random places every time a new sheet of bubble wrap appears. The further the player gets the faster the time will be so they need get quicker with every round.



An idea I had is have different coloured bubbles that the player has to pop a bit differently. For example a dark blue bubble takes 2 taps to pop. This is so the player doesn’t have to keep tapping the same blue bubble every time which would make the game play dull so this way it would change things up and keep the player entertained.



When the dark blue bubble has been tapped once, it will change to the same blue colour as the other ordinary bubbles so the player knows that theirs something different about that dark blue bubble.



Next thing I’m going to do is create the rules and tutorial for both games as well as deciding which font suits the theme of both games.

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