#21 1st Game Idea

1st Game idea

Name: Pez tapper

Target audience: Everyone

Platform: Mobile



The player is a pez dispenser, the player must tap the screen to dispense a certain amount of pez candy indicated by the number of rectangular shapes. The player has to be quick because if the player stops for a second then the game’s over. If the player dispenses to much or too little candy then the game is over. The goal is to get the highest score.

I used the game “Infinite stairs” as inspiration

The player taps the climb button to ascend the stairs, they must to it quickly before the time runs out, if the player climbs to far due to overtapping then they fall resulting in a game over.


Game Features:

  • One tap control

  • Intense adrenaline pumping gameplay

  • Fun pixelated graphics

  • Different skins for Pez Dispenser

  • Land a high score with you reflexes and dexterity

  • View the leaderboard to see your friends scores so you can best them



  • Setting a record and trying to beat it

  • High speed adrenaline gameplay

  • Addicting gameplay making you want to come back for more

  • Beating your friends high scores


Key Gameplay Mechanics

  • One touch controls, each tap shoots out a pez candy

  • When the player shoots out the right amount of pez candy then the player receives a point

  • Get as many points as you can

  • When the player loses they will receive golden candy depending on how many points they got, 10 points = 1 golden candy.

  • Online leaderboards to see other players highscores

  • Earn golden candy which allow you to purchase different skins for the pez dispenser in the shop


I want the pez dispenser to look like a simple pez dispenser, the head of the dispenser won’t be anything Iconic just a simple head.

An idea for the head would be to allow the player to purchase skins for the pez dispenser such as different heads, different coloured candy, different colour and texture for the base of the pez dispenser, the player can customize their own pez dispenser.

Moodboard showing Pez dispensers and Pez candy



I want the graphics to be pixelated similar to other mobile games like “Flappy Bird” and “Ironpants” simple pixels and colours, nothing too complex but charming to look at.



This is a quick sketch of the game screen. The left shows out lines of how much pez candy needs to be dispensed from the pez dispenser on the right.


When the player taps anywhere on the screen the candy will be dispensed from the pez dispenser and move to the top of the outline candy pile filling in the outline.


The player must keep tapping to get all the outlines filled with candy, if the player dispenses too much candy then the game is over, if the player stops for a second the game is also over.


Once the player fills up the required amount of candy then they will receive one point, then the next set of outlined candy will appear.


The candy will range from 1 to 10 which will be random each time the player completes a set of candy.


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