#19 Fixes

I made a few changes to some of the screens based on the feedback I received.

First complaint was about the UI being unreadable on some parts, specifically the how to play screen and I can see why.

One of the problems I saw was that the letter F looks like an S making it confusing to the player. Its better to have clear readable font than a cool looking font that players wont be able to read.

Letter F


I looked back at some of my previous choices for the fonts and decided to go with one.

“8 Bit Wonder” Font


To see if it would work I swapped the font on the how to play screen

Its a lot more readable than the previous font and the letter F looks like the letter F instead of an S.

How to play screen with new font



To see how it would look on a different screen I applied the font to the main menu.

Both fonts look similar with its retro look but the difference is that all the letters are the same height with the new font making it easy to read while the old font has different heights on some letters making it a little more difficult to understand.

Main menu with new font                                                             Main menu old font 



One thing a player would like to see is a sound option.

I don’t plan on having music in the game but I would like some sound in the game,

Sounds for:



Losing (when the cat leaves the screen from falling a sound will trigger informing the player that its game over)

Earning coins

Buying something in the shop


In case the player wanted to turn off those sounds I added a sound button to the main menu and the pause menu.

Pause Button on the top right


Pause Menu


To show the player the sound is off a red line will appear over the sound button.



Another issue a player had was that they couldn’t tell how many coins they had in the shop so I made it more obvious by adding “Your coins” telling the player that this is how many coins they have.



I wanted it to be obvious to the player but i’m not happy about the words “your coins” on the screen I want it to be obvious but I also want it to be subtle. Instead of having “your coins” on the screen I decided to put the payers coins on the top right of the screen, it doesn’t straight up tell the player that this is their coins but with other phone games this is normally where the players gold or coins show so with the players experience with other phone games it should be obvious to he player that this is the players coins.

Shop menu with players coins on the top right



An example of displaying the coins to the player is the game “Jet pack joyride”

On the shop screen the coins are shown on the top right and it doesn’t tell the player that this is how many coins they have, its shown in such a way that the player knows this from just looking at it.



Lastly I got feedback on the climbing segment, the player was confused on which side they need to tap to progress.

To make it more obvious I added a dark box to show they player when the blocks reach the box those are the next blocks the player should focus on.

Game screen with box



Similar to piano tiles where the player knows which tile they need to tap next because it will be the tile closest to the bottom of the screen. Also once the payer taps on a tile it will turn grey telling the player that they have tapped this tile and they don’t need to tap it again.

Piano tiles example



When the player taps the right block then it will turn grey telling the player that they don’t needs to tap it again insuring the player doesn’t tap it by mistake.

Game screen with grey block



I messed around with some colours to display the box and I want it to be clear and easily seen to the player, I tried to use a lighter colour but it blends in a bit with the light brown tree. So for now I’l stick with a darker colour.

Game screen with lighter coloured box



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