#18 Obtaining Feedback

I got some feedback from a few people


What they liked about it was the simplicity and its easy to understand the general idea of the game.


What they didn’t like about the game is some parts of the UI aren’t easily readable specifically the how to play screen and its suggested that I change my font.

During the game theirs no urgency to progress to the next step since theirs no timer or threat, I couldn’t add this in invision but I plan a mechanic when the player stops tapping the screen for a short second then they will lose.

One complaint I had was that the it wasn’t clear how many coins the player had in the shop. I did put the amount of coins the player has in the shop but its not indicated clearly to the player, perhaps I should make it more obvious like text saying “Your coins”.

During the game each climb will transition the screen, I couldn’t add animation in invision so it looked weird climbing each step, I made some GIF’s showing how I want the cat to climb the tree this is just the best I can work with on invision.

They all say the game has potential and is worth making.



The font should be changed to something more simple and easy to read.

The player is confused which side they need to progress, perhaps similar to piano tiles where the next tile you need to press will be right at the bottom of the screen.

Make it obvious how many coins the player has.


What they would like to see:

Better art style, I just made simple shapes and added simple colours and effects, the graphics can look nicer to make the game more appealing.

Some animation for the cat in game and UI, the cat will have animation for climbing and falling, perhaps their will be some animation for the cat on the main menu perhaps running around chasing a butterfly. For the UI, once a button is pressed make it look obvious to the player that the button is pressed.

More customization for the cat such as hats, clothes, gloves, it would be more appealing rather than having just skins.

Basic options such as sound, I don’t plan on having music in the game, maybe some sound effects for climbing, losing and UI, so I should add a quick mute button in the pause menu and main menu.

The game is ranked in between 5 and 6 out of 10

Link to Climby cat game on invision



What I plan to do next is to show some screenshots on how i plan to fix these issues

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