#17 Created Hotspots and Feedback form

I used the hotspot tool on invision to create the mechanics, what it does is you select an area on the screen and choose where it takes the player.

Main menu 

The blue highlighted parts are the places the player can tap and they will be sent to another screen.



In game screen

When the player gets to 10 points the player will then die on the next tap because I wanted to show how the player loses and what happens when they lose.



Game over screen

When the player gets 10 points they receive 1 coin. The player can also lose if they tap the wrong side during the first 9 points but they will be taken to the same game over screen showing 10 points, I just wanted to show how to lose and what happens when you do.



Pause menu

When the player pauses the game the points will be on 11 and when the player selects resume it will reset the game. I didn’t want to make more screen showing each of the points, that would take a while and isn’t needed, I just want to show what happens when the player pauses the game.



Link showing all of the mechanics on invision

(Apologies for the water mark in the video, I was using trail version of the “Movavi video editor” which adds watermarks on exported videos”



I made a Google Form

Showing the feedback questions

Link to Form



Next thing i’m going to do is send these to people along with the inivision prototype and see what they have to say.

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