#13 Animations of expectations

When the player starts the game, the title screen will fade in, the first option is start which is most likely the first thing the player is going to select. Start implies starting the game, getting into the fun. Perhaps the player will look at the rest of the options as well as the background to see whats else is going on on the the screen. If the player doesn’t select the start button they might press the shop button to see if theirs anything worth buying.

GIF showing what I expect the player to do at the start



When the player starts the game I don’t expect them to last 10 seconds

Instead of the tutorial boxes I added in a small animation showing a cat moving its arm and a tap symbol, i’m trying to inform the player that the cat will climb once the screen is tapped.

Once the player loses, the game over screen text will drop in and the box will fade in with all the other options, then their score will appear, it will also show their high score and how many coins they earned. I expect the player to almost immediately select retry to play the game again, they lost so quick they would want to start over again and see what went wrong then try to get better at the game.

(I tried something different with the text by removing the white color and leaving the stroke, it doesn’t work, it blends in with the black squares making them hard to see so i’m going to return back to the previous text)

GIF showing what I expect from the player the first time they play the game



I did some experimenting and made the climbing animation different, instead of the cat climbing with one hand I made animated the cat climbing with 2 hands, the cat leaps off each black square making the screen look a lot busier with the cat leaping around , a cat climbing with one hand doesn’t look right in this context. I will get some feed back for this to see what other people think.

GIF showing different climbing animation



Once the player has had enough with the game they will check out the shop to see what the game is selling.

The shop only sells skins for the cat so the player will spend a a minute or less browsing the skins for curiosity.

Shop Image



The player will select the leaderboard to see what the highest score is in the game. Unless the player is competitive they wont spend more than a few seconds here.

Leaderboard Image


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