#12 Core Loop

Core Loop

I used the http://adriancrook.com/designing-core-loops/ website to find out what makes a great core loop, I used the methods to help make my core loop

The main activities the player will be doing are:  

  • Climbing a tree/cliff/mountain

  • Losing

  • Getting scores and points

  • Using coins to buy skins


The goal of each game is to ascend up a tree and get the highest score as possible.

To achieve this goal the player will be losing a lot because the game won’t be easy, the higher the score the more challenging it would be to beat it.

When the player loses they are rewarded with coins depending on how well they did.

The player can use these coins to buy skins from the shop to customise the appearance of the cat.

Then the player starts over again and repeats the process.

Core loop diagram


The Goal is simple, get the highest score as possible, perhaps players can make their own goal like beat their friends highscores or buy all the skins.

The controls are simple and easy to learn, just tap either the left or right to ascend in either direction, it can be learnt in seconds.

Its replay value is high, players can beat their scores or beat other people’s scores, or just to kill time with intensive gameplay. Its quick to start up so players can start the game in seconds

As players get higher scores, the more challenge it adds. If a player gets a score of 200 then they have to beat that score, if reaching 200 was difficult then going beyond that will even more difficult and will get increasingly difficult with each highscore.

Players will eventually put the game down for break due to frustration and feel like they don’t want to play it anymore but once the frustrations gone they can return to the game and try again, keeping players coming back. They would also return to the game to beat someone’s high score giving them a goal and motivation to go back and play.

The player will be able to see their progress on the Scoreboard menu showing their highest score and what position they are in, it also shows the top 10 scores in the world so other players can beat their scores.


The next thing i’m going to do is create an animation showing what I expect the player to do when they first start the game.

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