#11 Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

When the game starts the player should almost immediately press the start button because it’s a big button that start drawing the player’s attention to where the action is.

The game is simple so teaching the player the controls should be brief and to the point, they should learn how to play in their first run of the game. The controls are simple, tap the left or the right side of the screen, but the controls will be difficult to master, it will put their skill to the test.

At some point the player is going to lose a lot which makes them frustrated which is what I want, it’s not the games fault, it’s through genuine fair challenge. The player should going for the highscore, retrying the game many times to reach their desired score. The player could also be playing the game to kill time, not for the high score but for the high speed thrill of climbing a tree, it’s quick start and play and doesn’t have long loading screens making it a nice quick time killer. Due to the frustrating gameplay the player will get fed up of the game but there’s the possibility that the player can master the game and get better at it keeping the player coming back to challenge the game again.

One of the hooks is to beat your friends highscore, the feeling of being taunted about high scores can drive the player to beat their friends high score which is a reason why the game can be considered addicting.

I don’t expect the player to use the store to much, it only adds different looks for the cat so it won’t be used that much.

I would expect casual and heavy phone users to play this game, it’s a small simple game which doesn’t make it a chore to download and play. I would expect players to browse the store, find this game and it will either be a one time play then uninstall or be kept installed on the phone and played either lightly, frequently or heavily, everyone has different taste so I wouldn’t expect everyone to get crazy about it instantly, it takes time to grow on the player and eventually they will be playing the game more times than one.

It’s a small game so it takes up little space in a phones storage so players can keep the game installed without uninstalling it for space.

Players would play this game from a range of a few minutes to 30 min depending on how addicted the player gets.

The game wouldn’t be played every day of every minute, it’s just something to get the player hooked on while they kill time, it will be quick to download, easy to access, simple controls, brief tutorial and High intensity adrenaline pumping action.


To make the map itself I looked at some references from other websites to get an idea of what a a customer journey map looks like.

Its my first time making a “CJM” so I didn’t want to make anything extreme just something simple and basic kind of like the game.

I came across this site called “webdesign.tutsplus.com” which shows a tutorial on how to make a “CJM” but not specifically for video games.

The template they shown was just what I needed, it’s simple, something that can done Excel.


I also looked at a site called “gbanga.com” which shows a customer journey map for a mobile game, I used this to help create my “CJM”

The design is more complex, it looks nicer but isn’t necessary.


My Customer Journey Map

I mentioned each phase on the top row:

  • Awareness
  • Reaseach
  • Playing
  • Aftermath

As well as the duration for each phase

On the left hand column I mentioned things the player will face such:

  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Questions
  • Barriers
  • Touchpoints
  • Emoitions
  • Weaknesses

I used the mentioned websites to help me create this Customer journey map


Link to the spreadsheet for a better look





Next thing i’m going to do is create a post about the core loop of the game as my supervisor suggested using the resources provided as guidance.

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